Reign of Kings Tips – Base Building and Crafting

Reign of Kings Tips – Base Building and Crafting

Build the strongest base with these tips to survive longer in Reign of Kings.

Reign of Kings is a survival sandbox, and like other games in this genre, it is unforgiving, harsh, and filled with building materials so you can make epic bases. The key, however, is to know what building blocks to craft for the strongest foundation. After all, you wouldn’t want to waste four hours building an epic Sod base, would you? This guide will teach you how to craft the strongest blocks, as well as what items you’ll need to make them.

Building a proper base in Reign of Kings is hard work, and can take several hours or even days of play time depending on your schedule. If you have trouble gathering all the necessary materials, we suggest finding friends who play the game. Include people you trust in your guild, since they will have the power to edit and change anything in your guild’s conquered land.

Build a Crest and Claim Your Land

First, claim your land. To do this, you’ll need to make a Crest. At the start you can only craft a Leather Crest, which will claim a 30 x 30 area of land for your guild. To build this crest you’ll need to gather 10 Bone, 1 Leather Hide, and 100 Wood. Once you have these supplies, open your inventory and scroll down through your Manuscripts on the right-hand side of the screen. Choose the Leather Crest from the CRESTS dropdown, then wait the 5 seconds it takes to craft it.

The Manuscripts section is found on the right side of your inventory.

Now that you have your Crest, it’s time to build your first base. To do this, craft some Wood Blocks, which cost about 30 Wood a piece. These blocks aren’t available to your standard crafting. This means you’ll need to create a Work Bench first. Gather 120 Wood, then open up your inventory, find the Work Bench Manuscript under STATIONS, and choose Craft.

Once your Work Bench is crafted, gather the amount of wood you need to make your Wood Blocks. We suggest gathering at least 3,000 to 4,000 Wood (you gain roughly 200 Wood from each tree you cut down depending on its size). This should allow you to build an area big enough to enclose so your Crest is fairly safe when you place it. After you have the wood, craft as many Wood Blocks as you need. You’ll find them listed under the TIER 3 area of the BUILDING MATERIAL Manuscripts. Once you have the first wall built, place your Crest so that it can begin conquering the land around you. Leather Crests take about 20 minutes to conquer a 30 x 30 plot of land. While it finishes, go ahead and throw up the rest of your walls and floor.

With the walls now placed, it’s time to build a door. Something simple will do for now. Head into your inventory, craft a Wood Door for 100 Wood, and place it down in the desired position of your base.

Upgrade Your Base

After you’ve claimed land and built your first simple base, it’s time to upgrade and make your base even better. We started off basic. Now we’re going to dig deep into the higher tier materials. If you want to build a massive base you’ll need more land than the Leather Crest allows. To accomplish this you’ll need an Anvil and Iron or Steel. The Iron Crest is the next step up, and only requires a 100 Flax and 60 Iron Ingots (which you receive from smelting Iron in a Smelter). This Crest takes 20 minutes to conquer and claims a 50 x 50 plot of land.

Upgrade Your Crest

The third Crest you can make is the Steel Crest, which claims a 70 x 70 area of land. It costs 100 Flax and 60 Steel Ingots (crafted by smelting Steel Compound in the Smelter) to make. It is the best Crest you can currently craft in the game, and is crafted at the Anvil like the Iron Crest.

Two fighters battle it out near a keep.

Once you have enough land to satiate your building pleasures, it’s time to make sure you have the best materials for your base. As it currently stands, the strongest building block you can craft is the Stone Block, which costs 1 Stone Slab, 5 Clay, and must be crafted using the Stone Cutter or higher upgrade of the Work Bench. This block is a Tier 7 Building Material, holds 12,000 Health, and can only be damaged by Siege Equipment.

The Proper Stations for Proper Building Materials

As we mentioned above, the Stone Blocks you need to build the strongest type of base in Reign of Kings requires an updated version of the Work Bench. We understand this may sound confusing, so we’d like to break down things a little bit. The Work Bench is the lowest Tier of the station. To upgrade it, you’ll need 55 Flax and 90 Wood. This will turn it into a Tannery. From here you’ll need an additional 80 Wood and 4 Iron Ingots to upgrade to the Stone Cutter. If you want to have the highest tier of this station, you’ll need another 170 Wood and 8 Iron Ingots to upgrade it to the Tinker. At this point you’ll be able to craft all of the highest tier blocks.

Gathering Stone and Building Your Final Base

This is the phase we like to call the Final Base Build. It doesn’t mean you won’t ever add additions or change things. Rather, it means this is the final foundation of your base. Before you place an Iron Crest or Steel Crest (depending on the amount of land you want), make sure you have a perfectly safe area that people can’t easily access for your Crest. We tend to place ours above our main gate, where it’s safe behind iron bars and strong walls.

Once you’ve chosen the perfect place for your Crest, it’s time to build. You may need to delete your old base, which we suggest doing in small parts so you don’t overwhelm yourself, and leave you out in the open too much. Luckily, it’s easy to add and remove blocks in Reign of Kings, so get to building. Once you have the walls and windows (you can craft actual windows at the Work Bench, or simply leave one block high areas open) sorted out, it’s time to move on to the next step, doors.

You’ve come a long way since your simple Wooden Door, but currently you still have to worry about people lockpicking their way into your fortress. It’s time to upgrade your entrance and pick up an Iron Door. To craft this item, make sure you have 1 Iron Ingots, then head over to your Tinker station and locate it in the DOORS section of the Manuscripts. Select it and then choose craft. Now throw it down in your entryway to completely reinforce your homestead.

At this point you have the strongest door and blocks that you can have in a base. The only thing left to do now is expand, add more rooms with more Iron Doors, and maybe erect a wall around the border of your plot. Make sure you leave a couple of empty squares between your wall and the end of your land, otherwise you risk people being able to build stairways into your fortress.

Crafting Basics

Now that you know how to build a base, it’s important to make sure you know how to make the right tools to get the job done. Because of all the different recipes available via the Manuscript system in Reign of Kings, we’ll mainly focus on crafting your first armor, tools, and weapons.

The King's Keep is located off the side of the island.

How to make your first set of Armor

The most basic set of armor you can make is Wood Armor. To make a full set, you’ll need 60 Flaw and 120 Wood. Once you have all your materials, head into your inventory and locate the manuscript for the Wood Helmet, Wood Bracers, Wood Vest, Wood Skirt, and Wood Sandals under the Equipment section. It takes about 4 seconds to craft each one, so make sure you’re hidden away in your base, or out of sight.

Upgrade your Armor

Now that you have your first set of armor, it’s time to upgrade. Wood armor will only protect you so much, which means you’ll want to start gathering Leather Hide in order to make yourself some Leather Armor. To craft a full set of Leather Armor you’ll need access to a Tannery, which is the first upgrade of a Work Bench, as well as 62 Flax and 9 Leather Hide. Once you have all the materials, interact with the Tannery and craft it using the Manuscripts for each item.

Creating Tools

To get anywhere in Reign of Kings, you’re going to need better tools than the default club that you spawn with. Sure, you’ll spend a moment or two grinding away at resource nodes with your little club, but once you have new tools, you’ll be more than ready to throw it away. To reach this point, however, you’ll need to make some stone tools.

The first thing you’ll want to grab is a Stone Pickaxe. Since we’re making stone tools, let’s make sure we have the most effective way to get it. Gather 10 Flax, 50 Wood, and 25 Stone. Then you can craft this useful harvesting tool via the Manuscripts menu in your inventory. It only harvests 6 Stone at a time, but that’s better than the 1 Stone that you were able to get with your club. Once you have the Pickaxe, gather an additional 6 Stone, 50 Wood, and 20 Flax. Now head over to the Stone Cutter (which is the third upgrade of the Work Bench), and craft it using the appropriate Manuscript.

Use your weapons to fight in the arena, or take on other prey.

To craft even better tools, you’ll need to start gathering Iron and have a Smelter and an Anvil. The Smelter can be crafted by making a Campfire with 60 Wood, then upgrading it twice using a total of 275 Stone. Once it has been upgraded to a Smelter, you can smelt Iron Ore into Iron Ingots, and then use those ingots at the Anvil.

To make an Anvil, you’ll need 80 Wood and 16 Iron Ingots. Once you have the proper materials, head to the Work Bench and craft it using the Manuscript under the Stations tab. Once it is crafted, place it, then gather the appropriate items you need to make your next set of tools or armor. An Iron Pickaxe will cost you 100 Wood and 6 Iron Ingots to craft, whereas an Iron Wood Cutter’s Axe will cost 50 Wood and 6 Iron Ingots to create. The newly made pickaxe will collect 10 Stone/Iron at a time, and the axe will gather a total of 14 Wood per hit.

Crafting Weapons of Destruction

With your armor, the proper tools you need to gather the materials required, and the Stations to craft such exorbitant object, it’s time to make yourself some weapons. The most common weapon in Reign of Kings is the sword. An Iron Sword can be crafted using 20 Flax and 2 Iron Ingots at the Anvil. It deals Slashing and Piercing damage at 8 points per hit. It moves at a medium speed, so be ready to parry and dodge away from incoming attacks.

If swords aren’t your style, you can craft items like maces, battle axes, and even bow and arrows. To craft an Iron Star Mace you’ll need 15 Flax, 45 Wood, 1 Iron Ingot, and an Anvil. This weapon deals 9 Piercing Damage and attacks at a medium pace. To make an Iron Battle Axe, gather up 60 Wood and 6 Iron Ingots and craft it using the Bellows. The Bellows is an Anvil upgrade twice, which will cost you a total of 175 Stone, 5 Leather Hide, and 8 Iron Ingots. Once crafted, the Battle Axe will provide 14 Slashing and Piercing Damage at a slow attack speed.

The final weapon we’ll cover in this guide is the bow and arrow. First, you’ll need a completely new station to craft a bow, and the arrows needed to use it. Head over to your Work Bench once you have 120 Wood and 45 Flax. From here, locate the Fletcher, which you’ll find under the Stations tab. Craft it, then place it somewhere to get started. There are two different bows you can make, a Wooden Short Box, or a Crossbow. Each one functions similarly, however the Crossbow is far slower than the Short Bow, and has a much more advanced range.

To make the Short Bow, you’ll need 60 Wood and 30 Flax. Once you have it crafted, you’re going to need some arrows, so gather up at least 10 Feathers, 5 Wood, and 1 Iron Ingot. This will make a set of 10 Iron Tipped Arrows. If the Short Bow isn’t your style and you’d rather have the increased range of the Crossbow, you’re going to need to upgrade your Fletcher to an Advanced Fletcher by using 60 Flax and 80 Hay. One it is upgraded, head into the Manuscripts and locate the Crossbow. Go ahead and craft it using 40 Flax, 30 Wood, and 1 Iron Ingot. Now, you’ll also want some arrows with this, so we suggest crafting at least 30-100 Iron Tipped Arrows using the recipe we mentioned earlier.

There are still plenty of Manuscripts and items that we haven’t covered in this guide, but by following it, you should now have access to most if not all of the important Stations in the game. From here you can locate the item you wish to craft, look at the recipe, and locate the materials needed. Remember to keep an eye on your fortress, because you never know when the enemy might come knocking.

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