Reminder: PS4's 3.0 Update Arrives Tomorrow

Reminder: PS4's 3.0 Update Arrives Tomorrow

Expect some extra downloading time before you can play your games.

Just a quick reminder to tell you that the latest PS4 3.0 software update arrives tomorrow. Codenamed "Kenshin," the update brings with it a suite of new features. Here are some of the highlights:

  • A new events app through which you can compete in official game events, and watch live broadcasts.
  • PlayStation Plus members will now have access to up to 10GB of online storage, an increase from 1GB. There's also a new storage monitor that enables you to see exactly how much space your stuff takes up.
  • Those who want to livestream to YouTube will now easily be able to do so thanks to a new YouTube Gaming streaming app.
  • A new events hub has been added that details current and upcoming activities in games that you own - such as double xp weekends, or new features being added to a game.
  • A favorite groups option has been added to the friends app, which enables you to browse and join groups of people that often play the same games with you.
  • You'll be able to share video clips of up to 10 seconds long to Twitter, and will have the ability to cut longer clips down to 10 seconds so you can share them.
  • If communities are you thing, you'll be able to create and join new communities based on common interests – be they games or genres. Communities will feature a message board, screenshot sharing area, and easy ways of joining parties and games in progress. Hopefully this will make finding other players to join raids and the like easier.

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