Remnant From The Ashes Ent Boss Guide

Remnant From The Ashes Ent Boss Guide

Here’s how to beat the Ent in Remnant From The Ashes.

There’s a chance you’ll encounter the Ent on Earth in Remnant From The Ashes. It’s a formidable foe, and easily the largest enemy you’ll come across while playing the game. To help you make it through the Ent boss fight in one piece, we’ve put together this Remnant From The Ashes Ent Boss Walkthrough. We’ll lay out all of the Ent’s moves, and give you some tips on what to watch out for. Hopefully, you’ll be able to follow the steps below to the defeat the Ent boss, as you’ll get the Sporebloom grenade launcher for your troubles.

Remnant From The Ashes Ent Boss Guide

You’ll fight the Ent boss on Earth, and it certainly won’t be a cakewalk. For one, the thing is bloody huge, and is also backed by an army of exploding minions. Let’s start by listing some of the things that will help you win this fight:

  • Adrenaline - increases movement speed, bring two of these.
  • Ammo boxes - restores ammo, bring 2 of these.
  • Oilsin tonic - reduces infection, bring as many of these as you can.
  • Mid ranged long gun, like the Coach Gun.
  • Hot Shot Weapon Mod - adds fire damage to ammo.

As soon as you enter the ring, be ready for the Ent’s first attack. It will raise its arms and slam down, sending a narrow shockwave your way. You can dodge left or right to avoid this. The Ent can also swing an arm at you if you get too close, just dodge back to avoid it. Another attack in the Ent’s repertoire is a foot stamp which will send a SLOWER shockwave at you. Wait half a second before dodging this one. For this first phase, fire as much Long Gun ammo into the Ent’s head as you can. Exploding enemies will show up periodically. Bait them in and dodge so you don’t waste ammo.

Once the Ent is down to ¾ health, it will start to use the quick slam attack more, and can do one after the other. Just dodge these and look for an exposed red point on the Ent’s back. Shoot it for max damage. Once the Ent has lost some more health, it will slam it’s arms down, and it’s back will open. During this attack, the Ent fires root mortars from its back. Face the Ent and look for each projectile being launched. Dodge each one, approximately a second after it is fired. You will also need to dodge enemies during this. The mortars will also kill enemies so use this to your advantage.

Once the Ent is down to half health, it will scream. You cannot move while this is happening, and a group of enemies will be summoned. Kill them quickly, either using your melee attacks or by baiting the exploding enemies to kill their friends. Once they’re dead, it’s back to dodging mortar fire. Trigger your weapon mods and get as many shots in as you can during this phase. Adrenaline will help you outrun enemies, and remember to use your ammo boxes to replenish primary ammo.

How to Beat the Ent in Remnant From The Ashes

We’ve outlined the various phases of the Ent boss fight above. We recommend baiting exploding enemies so that you have more ammo for the big guy, and you can always pop ammo boxes to replenish in a pinch. The Ent is weak to fire, so the Hot Shot mod will fare well here. The final phase is likely where you’ll have trouble. Just be sure to kill all of the smaller enemies before focusing on dodging mortar fire. Honestly, the weak spot on the Ent’s back is pretty hard to hit, so aiming for the head for the majority of the fight is good enough for the majority of the fight.

Remnant From the Ashes Ent Boss Rewards

The Ent is a seriously difficult boss in Remnant From The Ashes, so luckily you’ll get a good reward for taking it down. You’ll get an item called a Spore Gland, which can be traded for the Sporebloom. The Sporebloom is essentially a grenade launcher, and is great for boss fights and clearing large groups of enemies.

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