Remnant From The Ashes Trait Unlock Guide

Remnant From The Ashes Trait Unlock Guide

There’s a wide selection of Traits to unlock in Remnant From The Ashes. Here’s details on how to unlock each one.

Remnant From The Ashes is a pretty difficult game to beat. The bosses are formidable, and you’ll need to use all of the tools at your disposal in order to progress. This means upgrading weapons, armor, and applying Traits to your character. It’s the Traits that we’ll be looking at here, as we’ve been busy putting together a Remnant From The Ashes Trait Guide. We’ll detail every Trait you can find in the game, and give details on how to unlock each one. We’ll also go into detail on what Traits are and how you should be leveling them up.

Remnant From The Ashes Trait Unlock Guide

We’ve played a fair bit of Remnant From The Ashes, and have found quite a few Traits. In the list below you’ll find the Traits we’ve found so far, though be aware that we will be adding more in as we find them. You’ll find a description of the effects that each Trait will apply, alongside details on how to unlock them.

TraitEffectHow to Unlock
VigorMax Health IncreaseDefault Trait
EnduranceIncreases Max Stamina Default Trait
Arcane StrikeIncreases Melee Mod Power Defeat The Ravager
Bark SkinIncreases Armor Take the Twisted Mask from the Mad Merchant in Junk Town. Wear it and speak to the Living Tree on Earth
CatalystIncreases Chance Defeat The Thrall or Canker
Cold as IceIncreases Back Attack Damage Kill your friends after meeting Brabus
Elder KnowledgeIncreases Exp Gain There's a tape recorder in the lower levels of Ward 13.
ExecutionerIncreases Critical Chance Bonus Beat IXILLUS in Crosus
ExploiterIncreases Weak Point Damage Hit Weak Point shots.
GluttonIncreases Consumable Use Speed Defeat The Unclean One
Guardian's BlessingReduces Melee Damage TakenUse Curio to open the dungeon door, bring the boss down to 50% HP, he'll flee, kill the Root monster
HandlingDecreases Gun Spread and Recoil Obtain 10 Weapons
Keeper's BlessingIncreases Elemental Resistance Find The Labyrinth
KingslayerIncreases Critical Damage Defeat The Undying King
Mind's EyeIncreases Ranged Damage Bonus Defeat The Dreamer/Nightmare
Mother's BlessingReduced Ranged Damage TakenFree the Root Mother
Quick HandsIncreases Weapon Reload Speed Kill Ent or Singe
Rapid StrikeIncreases Melee Attack Speed Level a Melee weapon to +20 (cannot be a boss weapon)
RecoveryIncreases Stamina RegenBeat Claviger
RevivalistIncreases Revive Speed Revive your allies
ScavengerIncreases Scrap Boost Give Reggie the Tarnished Ring in Ward 13
Shadow WalkerEnemy Awareness LoweredHunter Starting Trait
SpiritIncreases Mod Power Generation Ex-cultist Starting Trait
SuspicionReduced Friendly Fire Damage TakenGet killed by your teammates
TeamworkIncreases Teamwork Range Join a Multiplayer Session/have players join you
TriageIncreases Health Regen Effectiveness Survive the attack from the 2 Tribes of Pan on Yeasha
Trigger HappyIncreases Fire Rate Upgrade a ranged weapon to +20 (cannot be a boss weapon)
WarriorIncreases Melee damage Scrapper Starting Trait
Will to LiveIncreases Wounded Health Be Revived in Multiplayer
World WalkerDecreases Stamina Cost Enter Rhom

Remnant From The Ashes: What Are Traits?

Traits are a pretty important set of bonuses that are automatically applied to your character once you unlock them. They’re essentially stat buffs, which apply a base effect. You do not have to activate them, but can use Trait Points to level them up and increase their effects.

How to Earn Trait Points and Level Up Traits

Trait Points are awarded for killing a certain number of enemies. You’ll get them at random while in battle, and will usually get one for beating bosses. You can also track down Tomes of Knowledge, purple book items found scattered randomly throughout the world. Picking up a Tome of Knowledge will grant you one Trait Point, then you can head into the menu to level up your Traits.

How to Reset Trait Points in Remnant From The Ashes

You can actually reset your Trait Points in Remnant From The Ashes. You’ll need an item called the Orb of Undoing, which is awarded for beating the final boss. You can then use it to get all of your spent Trait points back and can respec your character.

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