Replay of the Blood God: Our Final Fantasy IV Let's Play Continues With a Trip Up Mt. Ordeals

Kat's dramatic reading of Final Fantasy IV continues.

Article by Kat Bailey, .

In last week's episode of our Final Fantasy IV Let's Play, I bombed a village and kidnapped various unsuspecting people for my party. This week I battle the greatest enemy of all: Myself!

As before, I am on a quest to complete the SNES version of Final Fantasy IV for an upcoming appearance on Retronauts. Here's the most recent episode!

I had thought that I would continue straight to Mt. Ordeals after reviving Rosa, but I had forgotten about the quick jaunt through Mt. Hobs and the Battle of Fabul. Whoops! But we get there eventually, and we end with what I consider one of the best scenes in RPG history: The battle with the first of the Four Fiends and Cecil's subsequent redemption (or at least the beginning of his redemption). It was heady stuff back in the day, and it's fun to relive even now.

Replay of the Blood God: Watch the First Part of Our Final Fantasy IV Let's Play!

Kat kicks off her Let's Play of Final Fantasy IV by bombing a village, conning a prince, and killing lots of wildlife.

Beyond that, another thing that strikes me during this playthrough is how well FFIV holds up compared to most RPGs from that era. As late as 1991, RPGs were still extremely dense, unfriendly, and above all, slow. Final Fantasy IV isn't perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but it nevertheless strips most of that away for an emininently enjoyable experience. The localization is still terrible, though. If anything, it gets worse as the game goes along. Then again, who isn't afraid of the terror that is "Leviatan?"

I will be back next week with the next part of my FFIV playthrough. I know I promised more this week, but with the Switch event looming large and so much to cover, I'm going to have to prioritize my time a bit. But rest assured, there will be more!

Until then, can I suggest that you subscribe to our Youtube channel? There will be much more content forthcoming as the year progresses!

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