Report: PlayStation Now Streaming Service Getting PS4 Game Downloads Soon

Stream or download? You may get a choice later this year.

The PlayStation Now streaming service will offer game downloads later this year, a source close to Sony tells Kotaku UK. That means select PlayStation Now games might be getting offline functionality.

PlayStation Now currently lets you stream hundreds of PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 2 games to your PlayStation 4 or PC on-demand. Kotaku UK's source says the download function will initially be limited to PlayStation 4 games, but that doesn't mean the service can't be expanded to encompass older games down the line.

"Your menu, Sir / Madam."

Playing games on the upgraded PlayStation Now service reportedly won't work much differently from how games on PlayStation Plus work currently: All the games you download will remain active as long as your PlayStation Now subscription is up-to-date. The games can be enjoyed by anyone who has their accounts linked to the same PlayStation 4.

Kotaku UK reached out for an official comment by Sony, but it's yet to receive a reply. PlayStation Now will supposedly transcend its current form in September, and if this update is indeed in the stars, we'll surely hear something before then.

If you are feeling nostalgic about the original PlayStation, you might want to check out the PlayStation Classic or even Pre-Order a PlayStation Classic.

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