Resident Evil 2 Already Has an Ada Wong Mod and It Works Great... Most of the Time

You can play the full game as Ada Wong.

Resident Evil 2 has been out for just four days, but there's already a new mod that makes Ada Wong playable throughout the full main campaign. Based on some screenshots and videos, the mod looks like it works well. Except for one major issue that is.

The mod by "Zombie Ali" was published yesterday over at the Resident Evil Modding Forum. The Ada Wong mod replaces one of Claire's alternate outfits with Ada Wong's model, making it so that it looks like players are controlling Ada Wong.

Aside from having it so that Ada is playable through Claire's story, despite only appearing in Leon's, videos of the mod shows it working smoothly during gameplay and combat. The biggest problem with the mod appears during the "grab" animation when a character gets held down by a zombie. That's when Ada's face just kind of goes wrong. Here's an example:

That's not supposed to happen. | Mod by Zombie Ali, Resident Evil Modding Forum, Capcom

Hopefully that animation is fixed after a little more development time. Other than that, Ada Wong is an extremely popular character, and the mod is the first major attempt that lets players control Raccoon City's most dangerous spy. We expect to see more character replacement mods in the future, unless Capcom decides to officially add more characters into Resident Evil 2 through post-launch DLC.

The mod can be downloaded from the Resident Evil mod forum and should be simple to get up and running. Players just need to download the necessary files and add them into the correct folder. Of course, you should mod games at your discretion.

If it's more content for Capcom's remake that you're after, head over to our essential Resident Evil 2 tips page. Alternatively, you can hit up our page on how to unlock Fourth Survivor in Resident Evil 2 with the enigmatic Hunk, our article on how to unlock the magnum in Resident Evil 2, or our Resident Evil 2 Leon's desk locks guide.

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