Resident Evil 2 Free Ghost Survivors DLC Explained: New Characters, Zombies, and More

Resident Evil 2 Free Ghost Survivors DLC Explained: New Characters, Zombies, and More

What you need to know about the free DLC due this Friday.

A lot of people died in Raccoon City on the night of the zombie outbreak in Resident Evil 2. But Capcom is asking the brave question, "What if not as many people died that night?" That's the premise for the upcoming free DLC 'Ghost Survivors' which stars three side characters on a 4th Survivor style obstacle course to freedom.

Capcom previously announced the free Ghost Survivors DLC soon after the launch of Resident Evil 2. We knew it starred three characters: Kendo, Katherine, and an unnamed U.S.S. soldier. Now, we have the first details for what exactly Ghost Survivors is and how it plays, as well as some more details on who the mysterious soldier is.

The Ghost Survivor DLC is broken up into three stories: No Time to Mourn, Runaway, and Forgotten Soldier. Like the 4th Survivor Mode, this will be an obstacle-course style time run where players must defeat or run away from enemies. Unlike 4th Survivor, which features all the enemies encountered in Resident Evil 2, Ghost Survivors adds new, unique enemies for each run.

Kendo for example will face a new poisonous zombie. Meanwhile Katherine will face a mutated zombie that can only be killed with powerful ammo, while the U.S.S. Agent will face off against armored zombies. Another change from 4th Survivor is how the three Ghost Survivors can actually pick up more supplies along the way, either through defeated enemies, or special vending machines. The machines offer several items, but players can only pick one and the rest will be locked for the remainder of the run.

As for the backstories of each character, Kendo is probably the most well-known of the bunch as the owner of Gun Shop Kendo. A friend radios him to say they've got a helicopter and Kendo makes a run for escape. Katherine, the mayor's daughter, gets a new storyline as she makes her way through Raccoon City to escape "with a certain someone." The U.S.S. soldier is named Ghost and is part of Hunk's wiped-out crew who must also escape from the same underground sewers as the 4th survivor.

Capcom says there will be a Training mode for Ghost Survivors that will give players a chance to play an easier version of the DLC to test out the map, and experiment with weapons. Completing Ghost Survivors on regular difficulty will unlock challenges that can be completed for cosmetic prizes that players can add to their characters.

Ghost Survivors will be available for free on February 15 alongside classic '98 costumes for Leon and Claire that turn them polygonal. Check out our Resident Evil 2 review, or our Resident Evil 2 guide for walkthroughs, tips, and 4th Survivor strategies.

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