Your Favorite Resident Evil 2 Character Can Wear a Thong With New Mod, Assuming Your Favorite Character is Mr. X

Stupid, sexy Mr. X.

Mr. X isn't a very popular monster in Resident Evil 2. He stalks you around everywhere you go, causing you to tense up every time you hear his thudding footsteps. But what if he was hot and in a thong? Would that make you change your mind about him? No? That's fair.

Mr. X is normally a stalking Tyrant tasked with murdering you to keep you away from the Umbrella Corporation's secrets. Though not necessarily an unfashionable monster, Mr. X prefers to keep things simple with a trench coat, hat, and murderous intent.

That's where modder MisterHecks' mod called "Beach Boy X" comes in. It replaces Mr. X's dour trenchcoat and fedora for a breezy, summertime thong and some sunglasses. He's even wearing flip-flops, so you know he's ready for some fun in the sun. He'll still try and murder you for sure, but now he'll do it as a hunk (not to be confused with Umbrella's secret operative Hunk).

You can download the Beach Boy X mod at Nexus Mods. Instructions for applying the mod are straightforward, so you shouldn't have a hard time getting Mr. X ready for beach season.

The mod sadly doesn't do much to lessen the fact that he's still one of the most stressful things in Resident Evil 2. You can read how we feel about him in our Resident Evil 2 review or check out our tips on how to best avoid him in our Resident Evil 2 guide. But with the Beach Boy X mod applied, why would you want to avoid him?

Header image by MisterHecks.

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