Resident Evil 3: All Hip Pouch Locations

Resident Evil 3: All Hip Pouch Locations

We show you where to find all the Hip Pouches that can be used to expand your inventory.

In a game as focused on collecting resources as Resident Evil 3, it's important to know how to increase your inventory size, allowing players to hold more weapons, ammo, and crafting items along the way.

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How to Increase Your Inventory Size in Resident Evil 3

The only way to increase the size of your inventory in Resident Evil 3 is through items called Hip Pouches that, when found and picked up, permanently increase the size of that character's inventory by two slots. Below we've listed all the ways you can find Hip Pouches while playing the game.

Hip Pouches expand your inventory size by two slots each. | Joel Franey/USgamer, Capcom Co., LTD

Where to Find All Hip Pouch Locations

Here we've outlined all the Pouches we know of in the game (though we'll be sure to add more as we come across them) outlined in chronological order. It's worth remembering that the linear nature of Resident Evil 3 means that you have to access these items the first time you're in an area, or you may not get another chance.

DowntownSubway Power Substation Safe Room (just before and after the Parasite Maze)Jill Valentine
DowntownSubway Office Monument (check this guide on how to open it)Jill Valentine
SewersUpper floor Reception Safe Room (requires Battery to open)Jill Valentine
Police StationWest Office 1F, in the locked safe (codes here) Carlos Oliveira
HospitalIn the Hospital Lobby during the horde siege, in the room that opens up when the Hunter Beta crashes out of the doorsCarlos Oliveira
Underground Storage FacilityOffice Safe Room (just before the Fuses Maze)Jill Valentine

Where to Buy Hip Pouches

If you've completed the game and unlocked the Shop, you can spend points earned by completing Records to buy Hip Pouches and other bonuses on subsequent playthroughs. Unfortunately there's no way to unlock the shop earlier than that, so you won't be able to use this trick the first time around. Other than that, you're limited to using the pouches you find.

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