Resident Evil 3: How to Beat the Parasite Insect Maze and Turn On All Substation Circuit Breakers

Resident Evil 3: How to Beat the Parasite Insect Maze and Turn On All Substation Circuit Breakers

You need to get through a parasite-filled maze in the Subway Power Substation to activate four Circuit Breakers. Here's how to make it through safely.

One of the most horrific moments in Resident Evil 3 is the Subway Power Substation in Downtown, which is now crawling with parasite-spewing insect monsters. We'll cover how to get through the Substation parasite maze safely and turn on all the circuit breakers in this step-by-step guide.

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How to Beat the Substation Parasite Maze in Resident Evil 3

A hive of insect monsters, the maze begins after getting your first lockpick and cracking the yellow lock, whereupon a cinematic will start where Jill is horrifically attacked by one of the monsters and force-fed parasites. The maze is open the moment the cinematic ends, but there's some things to cover before you actually go inside.

A green herb will help Jill purge herself of parasites. It's not pleasant though. | Joel Franey/USgamer, Capcom Co., LTD

How to Get Rid of Parasites

The insect monsters fill the whole maze, and while they can hit you for standard damage, they can also do a grapple attack where they force parasites into Jill's throat and effectively poison her, slowly doing damage over time. However, any kind of healing will cure Jill of the parasites as well as restoring regular health. There are three separate Green herbs outside the maze, on a shelf on the right, but if you didn't mix them already, don't do so now! With the propensity to parasites once you go in, it's better to be able to use more low-value healing items than heal just once for a massive amount. You can check to see if you still have parasites at any point as they'll be marked on the inventory screen next to your health.

Once you consume any healing item, Jill will immediately be cured of the parasites, but don't do this in the middle of combat! The cure will cause Jill to throw up as an animation, basically immobilizing her for a few seconds after eating the herb and leaving her open to attack.

The Parasite monsters don't have much health, but they're fast and come from all directions. | Joel Franey/USgamer, Capcom Co., LTD

How to Kill the Parasite Monsters

The good news is that the insect monsters in the maze are individually easier to kill than zombies - they have slightly less health, and always explode on death, making it impossible for them to resurrect. However, they spawn infinitely while you're inside the maze, and they're much faster than the zombies. And, as mentioned, they also like to shove parasites down your throat.

To kill the Insects you'll need 2-4 rounds from a pistol, or one solid shotgun blast to take them down. In fact, the shotgun can clear out several of them if you can catch them in the spray. You'll also want to use your quick turn ability regularly, and check the ceilings and walls to make sure they're not sneaking up on you above ground level.

Substation Parasite Maze Walkthrough

To beat the maze you'll have to turn on four circuit breakers and make it out the way you came in. The locations of the circuit breakers are actually shown in the control room that doubles as a safe zone, marked on the monitors. However, we've laid out their locations in an easier to use form below, as well as a step-by-step walkthrough.

You can use this map to find the safest route through the maze. | Joel Franey/USgamer, Capcom Co., LTD
  1. From the Entrance, get through the little curve and head straight ahead as far as you can, passing the gated area on the left and hooking around it.
  2. Turn left again to see Circuit Breaker 1 ahead of you.
  3. To turn on a circuit breaker, interact with it and hold down the X or A button, depending on your controller. Make sure you've cleared away all enemies, as you'll be vulnerable for a few seconds here.
  4. Once on, head back the way you came and throw the gate on your right. Go up the ladder and follow the path around and back down again to ground level.
  5. Turn right and right again to see the second Breaker. Turn it on like the first one, but be ready - when you do, the wall behind you is going to collapse, exposing several enemies.
  6. Squash the bugs and you should see on the very opposite end of the path the third Breaker. Head to it, but be wary of ambushes from the left.
  7. Once you pull that, double back slightly and go into the middle path. The last Breaker is there.
  8. Once done, head back out onto the long path and take the route on your left.
  9. Get to the end of that stretch and turn right to get back to the Exit.
  10. Clean the last few parasites out of your teeth.

After this is done, head back to the Control Room up the stairs to and interact with the console to power up the Substation. You can now leave, and you'll probably be very glad to never have to come back.

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