Resident Evil 3: How to Craft Healing Items, Ammo and Weapon Upgrades

Resident Evil 3: How to Craft Healing Items, Ammo and Weapon Upgrades

Here's how to use herbs and gunpowder to craft yourself essential items in RE3.

Defined by making the most of limited resources, Resident Evil 3 pushes the player to combine the resources they find into useful items and equipment they can use to keep themselves safe. We'll cover how to craft healing items and ammunition to keep you safe from the zombie horde.

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How to Craft in Resident Evil 3

Crafting in RE3 requires you to have completed the introductory areas (namely Jill's apartment and the Parking Garage), and to have the brief talk with Mikhail and Carlos in the subway train. Once you leave you'll be able to craft. In fact, you'll immediately be able to find the recipes and some basic resources to do so. Ammo recipes are on the bench directly opposite the door to the train, and healing herb recipes are upstairs in the safe room, on the central table opposite the typewriter.

The game will provide some basic crafting recipes early on. | Joel Franey/USgamer, Capcom Co., LTD

Where to Find Crafting Resources

Resources can be found scattered around the game at this point, either in the open, in hidden locations or in containers. It's also important to remember to smash the wooden crates held by yellow tape if you see any, ideally using your knife so as not to waste ammo unnecessarily. You should also check your map regularly - rooms or areas marked red still have some items within them, and they'll be revealed on the map if you get close enough.

All Crafting Recipes

If you missed the two documents or don't remember what's on them, then don't worry: we've listed them below for you to peruse at your leisure. You can also check them in the Files section of your menu if you did pick them up. Open your map and go to the connected tab - they should be in the "Downtown" section marked "U.B.C.S. Ammo Crafting Guide" and "U.B.C.S. Herb Field Manual" respectively. Or just check out our handy list below!

  1. Handgun ammo: Gunpowder x2
  2. Shotgun Shells: Gunpowder + High-Grade Gunpowder
  3. Magnum "MAG" Ammo: High-Grade Gunpowder x2
  4. Healing "High Potency Mixture": Green Herb x2
  5. Healing "Maximum Potency Mixture": Green Herb + Red Herb
  6. Healing "Maximum Potency Mixture": Green Herb x3
  7. Explosive Rounds (Grenade Launcher): Explosive A x2
  8. Flame Rounds (Grenade Launcher): Explosive A + Explosive B
  9. Acid Rounds (Grenade Launcher): Explosive B x2
Your first time crafting will get you an Achievement! | Joel Franey/USgamer, Capcom Co., LTD

How to Craft and Combine Items

To combine item according to the recipe, simply follow these instructions:

  1. Press Y/Triangle to open your inventory.
  2. Select one of the items you want to use for crafting with A/X.
  3. A menu should appear. Select "Combine".
  4. Select the second item you want to combine it with.

Not only is crafting essential to make it through RE3 safely, you'll also get an Achievement/Trophy called "Basic Chemistry" the first time you craft something.

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