Resident Evil 3: How to Defend Jill from the Zombie Horde in the Hospital

Resident Evil 3: How to Defend Jill from the Zombie Horde in the Hospital

Carlos got Jill the T-Virus vaccine, but must now protect her and Tyrell from waves of zombies until Tyrell can close the window shutters.

All zombie games have a sequence wherein you must defend an area from waves of undead, and Resident Evil 3 is the same, requiring Carlos to protect his allies in the hospital. Here we'll show you how to survive the waves of zombies and defend Jill and Tyrell safely at the hospital.

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How to Defend Jill from the Zombie Horde in the Hospital in Resident Evil 3

Defending Jill and Tyrell is really a matter of time - the horde isn't going to thin out, you just have to hold it off until Tyrell can close the electronic window shutters and secure the hospital. This'll take about five minutes or so in which you'll be fighting zombies as they climb through the windows, trying to kill you and break the barricade on Jill's and Tyrell's door. Read on to find out the essentials of keeping yourself and the others safe.

The zombies will try and tear down the barricade to get to Jill and Tyrell. Don't let them! | Joel Franey/USgamer, Capcom Co., LTD

Tips and Strategies to Defeat the Hospital Zombie Horde

The Horde will attack relentlessly and thin your resources. Below we've listed all the fundamentals of survival and how you can use them to your advantage.

  1. You need to keep the barricade on the door to Jill's room safe. If a zombie gets near to it and Carlos isn't close, it'll attack the barricade, pulling it down. If it's destroyed, you'll lose. The first time it's attacked, Tyrell will warn you over your radio.
  2. There's ammo and healing items in the South and West sides of the room. Grab those if you need them - there's a lot, and you'll be burning through rifle ammo fast.
  3. The zombies in this section will fall over and burst into nothing when killed. If it doesn't burst, it isn't dead yet.
  4. Don't use the pistol or knife unless you have to. This is a warzone, and you need to fight like it. Getting picky over ammo will allow them to build their numbers up again.
  5. Carlos' shoulder charge is a very helpful tool here, especially if you're behind the counter and they flank you on both sides.
  6. There's two electrical generators you can shoot, one of which is next to the barricade. If a zombie is attacking it and you don't have time to deal with them properly, shoot the generator to stun them and give you time to deal with the more immediate problem.
  7. Halfway through the horde, the lights will turn off, forcing Carlos to use his flashlight. About ten seconds after this happens, a Hunter Beta will burst through the doors behind the counter. Have a grenade ready to throw at it.
  8. The room the Beta crashed out of holds a zombie, a lot more grenades, and a Hip Pouch that Carlos can take! Run in and grab it.
  9. Eventually the shutters will close, but the main doors burst open in a cinematic. When this happens, head to the South-East pillar, grab the detonator, and attach it to the C4 like you did in the Police Station.
  10. After this you just need to survive for thirty seconds. The C4 will blow, toppling the pillar and cutting off the door. Don't worry about the blast, Carlos will cover himself in a cinematic.
  11. After this, kill the last few stragglers and the horde is finally over, as well as this Carlos section. If you haven't grabbed the Hip Pouch, do it now before killing the last one.

Once you beat the horde, control will go back to Jill and you'll get the Achievement/Trophy "I Need a Hero".

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