Resident Evil 3: How to Destroy the Shower Room Wall in the Police Station

Resident Evil 3: How to Destroy the Shower Room Wall in the Police Station

We cover how you can blow up the shower wall and reach the S.T.A.R.S. Office.

Returning to the Raccoon City Police Station in Resident Evil 3, Carlos has to find his way to the S.T.A.R.S. Office by destroying a wall in the room close by. We'll explain how to blow up the shower room wall and build the bomb here.

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How to Destroy the Shower Room Wall in Resident Evil 3

Fortunately most of the work has been done for you when you make it to the shower room on the second floor. Somebody has already set up a bomb on the connecting wall, but the detonator still needs a battery to function. We'll explain where you can find one and how you can use it to blow up the wall.

Where to Find a Battery for the Detonator

The battery itself is in the Safety Deposit Room downstairs, held inside one of the sealed deposit boxes. However, the room itself is locked and requires a key to open.

Where to Find the Safety Deposit Room Key

The key is close by, kept on the landing of the third floor. Just go up the main staircase as far as possible - the key itself is resting on a desk next to the stairs themselves in plain view. Once you have it, head to the Safety Deposit Room and use it to open the door. There's zombies both inside and outside the room, so be careful not to get gnawed on.

How to Open the Safety Deposit Boxes

You can open any of the boxes by approaching the keypad and typing in the boxes' number, followed by the Enter button. The battery itself is in box 104, but you can see items in the other boxes and enter those numbers to get them too.

You'll need a battery to power the detonator. | Joel Franey/USgamer, Capcom Co., LTD

How to Blow Up the Wall with the C4 Bomb

Once you have the battery, head back to the shower room and interact with the bomb to take the detonator off it and place it in your inventory. From there, go into your inventory and combine the detonator with the battery. At this point, make sure you're ready for combat! When you are, interact with the wall again and select the powered-up detonator to place it on the wall. There'll be a cinematic in which Carlos destroys the wall - and the undead begin to pour through.

How to Beat the Shower Room Zombies

Once the wall is destroyed, ten zombies will advance on you through the new hole. Not only that, but a jet of steam from a burst pipe is blocking the route behind you, effectively forcing you to either hold your ground or barge ahead. In the tight confines of the shower room, there's not a lot of space to move and it's easy to get bitten multiple times.

To come out on top, start off with a grenade of any kind. If it's a flashbang, use the moment in which they're stunned to start putting in headshots with your assault rifle. Be careful of zombies on the floor - some of them will play dead and try to bite your ankle, even after you down them. If they start getting too close and you need space, shoulder charge them and back up as much as possible. Never push past any zombie that's still alive - the last thing you want is to move forward, then get caught off-guard and suddenly be surrounded on all sides. Not only that, but the very next room has another licker in it, so make sure you're prepared for that too.

Once the shower room is destroyed, a whole horde of zombies will come piling through. | Joel Franey/USgamer, Capcom Co., LTD

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