Resident Evil 3: How to Direct the Train Route in the Downtown Subway Office

Resident Evil 3: How to Direct the Train Route in the Downtown Subway Office

We explain the puzzle of redirecting the subway train's route from Redstone Street to Fox Park.

To save the survivors of Racoon City in Resident Evil 3, Jill Valentine will have to move the subway train to Fox Park via a control panel in the Kite Bros Subway Office. In this guide, we'll cover how to direct the train and solve the puzzle of Subway Office Control Panel.

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How to Solve the Redirect Subway Train Puzzle Route in Resident Evil 3

It's important to know that you probably won't be able to use the control panel the first time you find it, assuming you come across when you go into the building to acquire the Fire Hose. You'll have to go to the Substation and power up the place first (outlined here), but you can return afterwards to set the subway train moving.

How to Direct the Train

You can move the train by interacting with the control panel and hitting the Enter button when you have a route plotted out. It's a little confusing, but each station on the route is marked by a two letter code, and numerous routes within it that each have their own number. So, for example. Redstone Street is represented on the console by RE, and has two tracks inside it: Track 01 and Track 02. You have to plan a route through the stations, using the large illuminated backboard as a map. You also can't send the train down red lines, as they've been blocked by debris.

The objective is to plot a route that takes the train from RE-01 to FO-01, avoiding the red lines and not sending the train into a dead end.

Train Direct Puzzle Solution

We've given you all the information needed to solve the puzzle, but if you'd rather just get through it, we've outlined the right message below. Just type in the following and press enter:

  1. RE-01 (Hard-coded in, can't be changed)
  2. FA-02
  3. RA-03
  4. SA-02
  5. F0-01 (Hard-coded in, can't be changed)

You'll get a message from Carlos telling you when you've done it properly. All you need to do at that point is head back to the Subway and get on the train yourself.

You can steer the survivors to safety with this solution. | Joel Franey/USgamer, Capcom Co., LTD

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