Resident Evil 3: How to Get All the Elevator Fuses at the Underground Storage

Resident Evil 3: How to Get All the Elevator Fuses at the Underground Storage

We show you how to navigate the Umbrella storage facility and power the elevator to get to Nicholai.

As Jill descends into the heart of Umbrella's facility in search of a vaccine, she'll have to power an elevator by scavenging three different fuses from the nearby area. In this guide, we'll cover one of Resident Evil 3's most challenging areas and show you where to get all the Underground Storage Elevator Fuses.

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How to Get All the Elevator Fuses in Resident Evil 3

The three fuses are all in the huge underground storage room, spread out and guarded by various enemies you've encountered along the game. There's also an Achievement/Trophy called "Electric Slide" you can get if you collect all fuses and install them in the Fusebox within five minutes of first trying the elevator. We'll take you through how to do that here.

Follow this map to get all the fuses as quickly as possible. | Joel Franey/USgamer, Capcom Co., LTD

Where to Find All the Fuses Within Five Minutes

In order to get all the fuses within five minutes, follow the instructions as we've laid them out below. You'll also have to reject looking for ammo and resources along the way - that takes time, and you don't have it. Alternatively, you can always reload a save and try again if you want to keep the ammo the first time around. Either way, this needs to be your process:

  1. Head South from the Elevator towards the cargo lift controls opposite.
  2. A fused zombie will fall. Shotgun it and use the controls.
  3. Get onto the lift on the right the moment it lowers and raise it back up.
  4. The first fuse is opposite you, plugged into its own box.
  5. After grabbing it, climb down the ladder to the South. Two dogs will appear ahead of you - again, the shotgun is the best call here.
  6. Debris will fall on your left, but keep heading South until you hit the wall.
  7. Look east to see an alley between the shelves and the wall with a zombie in it. Kill him and move forward, you should see a thin gap in the shelves that'll take you North.
  8. From there, head East and up the stairs. The game expects you to get Fuse 2 at this point, but we'll get that last to save on time.
  9. Don't go through the door - instead follow the stairs to the raised cargo lift and run across it to the shelves opposite.
  10. There should be a set of controls you can use up here to raise the cargo lift ahead, forming a further bridge.
  11. Run across the lift and climb down the ladder it opened up. Head North, not South!
  12. You should see Fuse 3 ahead of you. However, a container will open as you get close, allowing zombies to spill out. If you're fast enough, you can grab the fuse and run back to the ladder without fighting them.
  13. However, ahead you'll now see another container open - with a Hunter Gamma inside. Blow it up with a flame grenade if you have one, or just sprint for the ladder. You can't waste time fighting this thing.
  14. Retrace your steps all the way back to the door at the top of the East staircase.
  15. Head inside and you'll see three zombies - kill them in the fastest way you can, then head out the North-West door and down the ladder.
  16. Fuse 2 is ahead, but guarded by a Hunter Beta. It'll appear when you get close - equip a shotgun or magnum, and blow it to pieces.
  17. Grab the last fuse, and head back to the room you just left, up the ladder. This time, leave by the North door, which you can unlock from this side.
  18. This'll bring you back to the earlier safe room. From here, head back out East and climb down into the main area as you did to get in here. There'll be several Hunter Alphas now, but you can dodge around them without too much difficulty.
  19. Stick the fuses into the Fusebox and climb onto the elevator to get the Achievement.

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