Resident Evil 3: How to Get All Weapon Attachments, Mods and Upgrades

Resident Evil 3: How to Get All Weapon Attachments, Mods and Upgrades

We show you how to get every attachment and modification for your guns.

Your weapons in Resident Evil 3 might be powerful to start with, but it won't be long before you're ready to customize them into something better. To do that, you'll need to know where to find all the mods and attachments you can use to improve them. We've listed them all here.

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Where to Get All Weapon Mods in Resident Evil 3

Weapon mods can be found in all stages of the game, with all kinds of functions. Below, we've explained where you can find them all, listed chronologically across the game.

Weapon upgrades can change the functionality of your guns. | Joel Franey/USgamer, Capcom Co., LTD
Weapon ModWeaponLocation
Dot SightHandgunDowntown Storage Safe
Extended MagazineHandgunSee Below
Tactical StockShotgunDowntown Subway Monument
Semi-Auto BarrelShotgunKendo's Gun Store, on shelf left of Entrance
ScopeAssault RiflePolice Station West Office (1st Floor) in an ID-Card locked storage case
GripAssault RifleHospital Courtyard, as Carlos
Dual MagazineAssault RifleHospital Nurses' Station Safe
Extended Barrel.44 Lightning Hawk MagnumUmbrella Labs Underground Storage Facility, Southern side of the safe room after installing all the Elevator Fuses

How to Get the Handgun Extended Magazine Weapon Mod

While all the other mods can be accessed through fairly straightforward means, the Extended Magazine for the Handgun is something of a secret challenge that can only be unlocked at a specific time. To get it, you'll have to confront Nemesis in the early Downtown area as Jill, and have both a lot of ammo and a grenade. When you're ready, do the following.

  1. Find Nemesis. Make sure you're on high health and there aren't too many zombies around. If you want to be doubly secure, do it close to a safe room.
  2. Damage Nemesis to the point where he staggers and falls to one knee. You'll almost certainly need the shotgun for this; pour damage into him and stay out of reach of his attacks.
  3. Once he's staggered, back away to a safe distance and throw a grenade. You've got maybe twenty seconds to do this before he recovers.
  4. The grenade will actually blast some kind of storage crate off him and stagger him all over again. Grab the crate and run!
  5. The crate can be opened in your inventory by examining it. Once opened, you'll get the Extended Magazine.

How to Use and Equip Weapon Mods

Once you have a weapon mod, you can attach it permanently to a compatible weapon by having both in your inventory and combining them, as you would with two crafting ingredients. This effect is permanent and irreversible.

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