Resident Evil 3: Bolt Cutters Location

Resident Evil 3: Bolt Cutters Location

We show you where to find the Bolt Cutters and how to use them to break chains.

Making your way through the campaign of Resident Evil 3, you'll come across doors and gates secured with chains, distinct from the standard locks. We'll show you here how to break chains and get the Bolt Cutters to do so.

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How to Get the Bolt Cutters and Cut Chains in Resident Evil 3

The Bolt Cutters become a necessary item in the second stage of the game, "Downtown," in which you'll be trying to restart Racoon City's failing Subway system. The Bolt Cutters can be used to open doors both essential and optional - you'll have to get them to proceed, but not every chained door or cabinet is mandatory to beat the game.

The Bolt Cutters are essential to open certain areas and access certain items. | Joel Franey/USgamer, Capcom Co., LTD

Bolt Cutters Location

The Bolt Cutters are placed in the critical path, not difficult at all to find once you're in the area. After putting out the Downtown Alley Fire (which we've outlined how to do here), you'll move through into a safe room, the door out of which is chained shut. Fortunately, in an open cabinet in plain view, are the Bolt Cutters. Interact with them to pick up them, and they'll go into a slot in your inventory.

How to Use the Bolt Cutters

If you come across a chained door or lock in Resident Evil 3, you can use the Bolt Cutters to open it. Interact with the lock, and select the Bolt Cutters in your inventory to use it on the chain. It'll break, permanently unlocking the door or gate in question, but don't worry - the Bolt Cutters can be used infinitely.

Where to Use the Bolt Cutters

You can use the Bolt Cutters immediately after getting them to open the door in the safe room and progress with the plot, but by doubling back you can actually get the shotgun and some ammunition for it, the path to which we've outlined here.

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