Resident Evil 3: How to Get the Magnum

Resident Evil 3: How to Get the Magnum

We'll explain how to find the most powerful handgun in the remake game, the .44 Lightning Hawk Magnum.

When you've found and mastered every other weapon in Resident Evil 3, there's still the best gun in the game waiting for you. We'll explain here how to get the .44 Lightning Hawk Magnum pistol, and how best to use it in combat.

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How to Get the Magnum in Resident Evil 3

The Lightning Hawk can only be found after completing the Hospital Horde section as Carlos and curing Jill with the T-Virus vaccine. The .44 Magnum has been in the hospital all along, but only Jill can access it. Now she's awake, you can go and claim it for yourself.

Where to Find the .44 Lightning Hawk Magnum

The Lightning Hawk is back in the hospital courtyard you found the key in earlier, in a South-East section you couldn't access because… well, clearly Carlos felt it was beneath his dignity to climb through a hedge or break a window. Jill's the same, but there is an alternate route to get to it.

How to Get to the Hospital Courtyard

Like before, you'll have to drop into the courtyard from the second floor, but from a separate window than before. Here's an easy guide to find the right path.

  1. As Jill, head back upstairs to the second floor hallway - the one in a figure-of-eight shape - and head to the South, as though going to the Nurses' Station.
  2. While standing in front of the Nurses' Station door, look East to see a pile of junk blocking the path.
  3. There should be a slight gap beneath that Jill is slender enough to squeeze through. Walk into it and Jill will belly-crawl onto the other side.
  4. From there, you should see an open window you can jump through. Do so.
  5. Once you land, there'll be a silver case at your feet.
  6. Open it and pick up the .44 Lightning Hawk. If you've collected all other weapons so far, this'll get you an Achievement/Trophy too called "Kendo's Armory."
You can find the Magnum as Jill by crawling under the rubble and dropping down here. | Joel Franey/USgamer, Capcom Co., LTD

Where to Get MAG Ammo for the .44 Lightning Hawk Magnum

There should be several cases around the explored area that Jill can open with her lock pick, one of which on the first floor corridor holds some compatible MAG Ammo. You can also craft such ammo, as outlined in our guide here.

How to Use the .44 Lightning Hawk Magnum

The Lightning Hawk is a hugely-powerful weapon that can kill many enemies in one or two shots, a true hand cannon. Its drawbacks are obvious, however - ammo and the resources needed to craft ammo for it are rare, not to mention that it kicks like a mule. This is a weapon you use when either you're about to die, or if a boss like Nemesis is thundering towards you. It's your solution to any situation, but it comes with very limited uses, similar to the Grenade Launcher, but even more so.

BOOM. | Joel Franey/USgamer, Capcom Co., LTD

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