Resident Evil 3: How to Get the Police Station ID Card

Resident Evil 3: How to Get the Police Station ID Card

We'll show you where to find the ID card and unlock the special card-reading storage cases in the R.C.P.D. building.

Returning to the Raccoon City Police Station in Resident Evil 3, you'll encounter numerous silver cases with electronic locks that require a special ID card. We'll show you where to find the ID card and how to open all the storage cases in the Police Station.

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Where to Find the Police Station ID Card in Resident Evil 3

The ID card isn't found in the Police Station, it's actually just outside it! It's on the zombified body of Brad, who you encounter on the steps of the building's entrance. From the central safe room in the main hall, just reverse and head south through the main doors.

From there, Brad should be obvious. If you killed him on the way in, head to his body and you'll get the option to pick up the ID card from it. If you let him live, just take him down. In our experience he had a bit more health than the average zombie, but not so much that it should change how you deal with him. A couple of shotgun blasts to the head will drop him fine enough, and you can pick up the ID card off him. You'll also get an Achievement/Trophy: "An Unfortunate End".

Where to Use The Police Station ID Card

The ID card functions like the lock picks found earlier, a contextual item used to open certain locations. In this case, it opens the silver storage boxes dotted around the Police Station, one of which you can find on the left waiting room to the West of the main hall safe room. Simply approach any such case and interact with it, then select the ID card in your inventory to slot it inside. It'll work in any compatible case - Brad had a lot of clearance, it seems.

Putting Brad out of his misery will get you a Trophy and the ID Card. | Joel Franey/USgamer, Capcom Co., LTD

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