Resident Evil 3: How to Find the Vaccine Antigen, the Adjuvant and Beat the Vaccine Puzzle

Resident Evil 3: How to Find the Vaccine Antigen, the Adjuvant and Beat the Vaccine Puzzle

We cover how to find everything you need to craft the T-Virus vaccine and find the ingredients in the underground laboratory.

Now under threat of nuclear attack in the climax of Resident Evil 3, Jill's goal is to create a vaccine and prove that Raccoon City can still be saved. To do that, you'll need to know how to make the vaccine in the NEST-2 Umbrella Labs and find the components needed to make it.

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How to Make the Vaccine in the NEST-2 Umbrella Labs in Resident Evil 3

Finding the equipment needed to synthesize the vaccine is easy - it's just up the stairs from the starting Storage safe room. However, you'll need an Antigen and an Adjuvant combined to put through the equipment and actually create it. They're both in separate locations in NEST-2, and neither is easily reached.

You'll need to take the red flash drive to open all the Palm Readers. | Joel Franey/USgamer, Capcom Co., LTD

Where to Find the Antigen and the Adjuvant

They're not called as such when you actually find them, but the Antigen (referred to as a "Culture Sample") is found in Lab 1, and the Adjuvant (a "Liquid-filled Test Tube"), is in the Incubation Lab. We'll cover how to get both below, but first you need to know how to get around the facility freely.

How to Open the Red Palm Readers

Jill obviously doesn't have clearance for this area, but there is a surprisingly easy workaround - in the same room with the Vaccine Equipment, go to the North-East to see a computer. Interact with it, and Jill will pick up an Override Key Flash Drive, which you can insert into any of the Palm Readers to open them up when prompted. Now that you have that, it's time for some applied chemistry.

How to Get the Vaccine Antigen and Adjuvant Recipe Components

Now you've got the Override Key, make sure you have enough ammo and health items for one of the most challenging areas in the game. You'll also want to keep checking your map for items as you proceed, but this is the critical path to get both the Antigen and Adjuvant.

The Betas will attack on your return journey with the adjuvant. | Joel Franey/USgamer, Capcom Co., LTD
  1. From the Vaccine Equipment, head out of the room and back down the stairs.
  2. North of the safe room is a Palm Reader for you to use the Override Key on.
  3. Go into the room and up the stairs ahead of you, avoiding the Pale Heads or using your most powerful weapons to kill them.
  4. Lab 1 is at the top of the stairs. Use the terminal to get a Culture Sample - the Antigen.
  5. Head back down the stairs and this time head to the North-West corner of the room, weaving through the equipment and dealing with enemies as you see fit.
  6. Go through the door and there'll be another set of stairs going down. Follow them.
  7. Ahead is a heavy set of blast doors. Try to open them. It won't work, but it will prompt you to look for the power source to open them.
  8. Head to the Southern side of the Blast Door room. There'll be a zombie and a huge Red Power Cell sticking out of the wall.
  9. Kill the zombie so it can't bother you, then interact with the Power Cell to push it into the wall.
  10. The Blast Doors should open now you've powered them up. Go through them to see a room full of tanks holding various enemies//
  11. Go straight ahead to the elevator across from you and go up.
  12. Follow the balcony around to the door on the left, but be careful! Zombies, two Alpha Hunters, and a Pale Head will come out of the door as you approach. A well-placed grenade or explosive round can do a lot to help here.
  13. Go into the door they all came out of to enter the Incubation Lab. There's a cabinet full of trays on one side - open it to get the Adjuvant, the mysterious "Liquid-filled Test Tube". I guess Jill isn't that much of a chemist.
  14. Combine the two vials in your inventory to get a Vaccine Base.
  15. Head back down the elevator, but prepare for a fight first. This time the blast doors will close again as three Hunter Betas crash out of the tanks. The doors won't open until you kill them. Ideally, use your shotgun and acid rounds from the grenade launcher for maximum damage, and keep a healthy distance between you and them!
  16. Once the blast doors open, retrace your steps to the Vaccine Equipment and interact with it, then insert the Vaccine Base.
Insert the combined chemicals into the device to start creating the vaccine. | Joel Franey/USgamer, Capcom Co., LTD

How to Beat the Vaccine Low/Mid/High Puzzle

Now you've got the components, you need to make the Vaccine in a deliverable form by using the equipment provided. This takes the form of a puzzle wherein you have to adjust three levels of… something so that they're all simultaneously in the center. You do this by selecting the three buttons at the bottom and cycling them through Low, Mid and High until finding the right combination that stabilizes all the levels and forms the Vaccine.

Frankly there's not a lot of logic to it, and it's also not very fun. Don't worry, the solution is: MID, LOW, HIGH. Once you enter those, you'll be shown a brief cinematic in which the Vaccine is created. It's then up to you to take it out of the machine. Make sure you've done everything you want to do in NEST-2 before you do - it'll move you out of the area and trigger a boss fight with Nemesis.

It won't be long now before you're finished with Resident Evil 3, so why not enjoy some of our content when you're done? You can find Caty's review of the game itself here, or see our interview with producer Peter Fabiano here.

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