Resident Evil 3: How to Open the Electronic Locks in the Sewers

Resident Evil 3: How to Open the Electronic Locks in the Sewers

You'll need a Battery Pack to power up the mechanical locks in the sewer area. We'll show you where to find it.

Having escaped Nemesis yet again in Resident Evil 3, Jill now finds herself trapped in the Sewers with new enemies and new challenges. To escape, you'll need to know how to open the Sewers' electronic locks and find a Battery Pack. Here's where to do it.

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How to Open the Electronic Sewer Locks in Resident Evil 3

You'll actually find the way out of the Sewers almost immediately after leaving the first safe room, on the opposite side of the stream of sewage at the bottom of the stairs. However, the door is secured by an electronic lock with a gap in it for some sort of device. You'll be prompted upon inserting some kind of item: though you don't know it yet, that'll be a Battery Pack.

The Battery Pack is in the West laboratory. | Joel Franey/USgamer, Capcom Co., LTD

Where to Find a Battery Pack in the Sewers

The Battery Pack is in the Lab on the far-West side of the Sewers, which you can find more easily by picking up the map in the first Safe Room. Without it, however, you can find it by following the directions below:

  1. From the starting safe room, head West and down the stairs.
  2. There'll be a river of sewage ahead of you. Hold your nose, step into it and go South.
  3. Slide down the slope, ignore the ladder and keep going. Take the first proper turn to the West, rather than following the curve of the tunnel.
  4. Follow the pipe until you come to a T-junction. Head left (still West) and keep going to the end.
  5. Once at the end of the pipe, you'll see a ladder rising up to a door. Go through there into the Lab.
  6. The Battery Pack is a large, rectangular object resting ahead of you. Pick it up, and it'll take up two slots in your inventory. You'll need it to escape though, so make the room somehow - craft, eat herbs, whatever it takes.

Along the way, you'll encounter the froggish Hunter Gammas for the first time and also come close to the area where you can find the game's only Grenade Launcher. We've details on how to deal with both right here.

Where to Use the Battery Pack

After collecting the Battery Pack, retrace your steps all the way to the slope you went down, and climb the ladder next to it. That'll lead to a curving staircase, at the top of which is an electronically-locked door. Insert the Battery Pack into it, which'll allow you to go through. However, you have to leave the Pack behind in doing so. Don't worry, you can get it back - circle around to a gate you can unlock from this side, and you can go back to the door and retrieve the Pack, returning through the now-open gate.

After that, there's two places to use it - the Reception area in the North-East, in which you can get a Hip Pouch, and by heading North-West you can find a ladder that drops back down to exit you found at the start. Don't worry about leaving the Battery in that door - you have to to move on, and you won't need it again.

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