Resident Evil 3: How to Open the Voice Print Hospital Laboratory Lock and Kill the Hunter Betas

Resident Evil 3: How to Open the Voice Print Hospital Laboratory Lock and Kill the Hunter Betas

Carlos needs to access Doctor Bard, hidden behind a door locked with a voice scanner. Here's how to bypass it.

One of Resident Evil 3's many puzzles involves fooling a voice-reader lock into allowing Carlos into Nathaniel Bard's laboratory. A challenging task, but we'll cover here how to open the voice print lock and get the tape needed to open it, as well as killing the Hunter Betas along the way.

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How to Open the Voice Reading Hospital Laboratory Lock in Resident Evil 3

Don't worry, there's no hacking involved here - Carlos simply needs to recreate the voice of a person who the lock will allow into the room. That's going to have to be Bard himself, but we'll have to locate both a way of recreating his voice, and a way of playing it to the voice reader. That takes the form here of two items - a cassette player, which is very easily found, and a tape of Bard speaking, which is a lot harder to get a hold of.

The Voice Print lock won't let you through until you can mimic Bard's voice. | Joel Franey/USgamer, Capcom Co., LTD

Where to Find the Cassette Tape Player

The cassette player is actually on the countertop across from the voice reader itself - simply turn around and it should be there. It's empty now, but serves as an indication of how to beat the lock - if you can find a tape, you'll have everything you need.

Where to Find the Tape Recording

The tape of Bard is in the Treatment Room on the second floor, but it'll take a few actions to get to it. The room itself is sealed with an ID Card like the one at the Police Station, and the ID Card is itself locked away in a locker near the Staff Room, for which you'll need a key. Don't worry, we'll cover this step-by-step.

How to Get the Hospital Map

Before you do anything, you'll want to get a map of the Hospital. It isn't essential, but it can help a lot. Head upstairs and North onto the roof to loop around the debris blocking the hall ahead. Keep going and there'll be a safe room on your left at the end. Before going in to save, check the corkboard in front of you - the map is pinned to that. Now you know the whole layout of the building.

You can find the Hospital Map here. | Joel Franey/USgamer, Capcom Co., LTD

How to Get the Staff Room Key

The key is actually in the central courtyard that this section of the building loops around, but there's no way to access it from ground-level. Stay on the second floor and head to the lower-left of the main hall and you'll find a broken window marked with yellow tape. Jump down through it and you'll be in the courtyard. Grab the weapon attachment on the right when you land, then vault the bench in front of you. The key is lying on the ground when you land. Grab it, then walk forward and to the right to find another broken window and an unlockable door that will let you back into the building.

By dropping out the window you can find the key in the Courtyard. | Joel Franey/USgamer, Capcom Co., LTD

How to Get the Hospital ID Card

Now you've got the key, you can get the ID Card, just for that extra layer of confusion. Head upstairs again and use the map to find the Staff Room. It's got several zombies in it and is pretty dark, so be careful. Pop all of them and head to the locked door across. The key will open it. From there open all the lockers for some supplies, a surprising extra, and the ID card in the left-most one. Nearly there now… except now that a new kind of enemy is going to appear, and they're real bastards.

The ID Card is stuffed into a locker next to the Staff Room. | Joel Franey/USgamer, Capcom Co., LTD

How to Kill the Hunter Betas

Hunched and vaguely beetle-like, the Hunter Betas are melee-only enemies who do huge damage in every strike. Carlos will get a brief cinematic introducing one when he leaves the staff room, then have to fight it.

Hunter Betas have pretty hefty armor that doesn't render them invulnerable like the Gammas, but does reduce the amount of damage they take. Acid attacks burn through them effectively, but you don't have any of those yet. Instead, keep backing up! Their melee focus means you'll want to keep them at a distance, and use your strongest attacks to kill them before they can close the gap. If there's no other option and you've got the timing down, use Carlos' charge move to try and knock them flat, but it's risky and not worth employing as a main tactic if you can avoid it. Aim for the head, use the assault rifle or shotgun depending on which one you have, and don't let them get close, because it'll be the last mistake Carlos makes.

Hunter Betas are lethal short-range foes. Keep them away from you, less they split your throat in one swipe. | Joel Franey/USgamer, Capcom Co., LTD

Where to Use the Hospital ID Card

There's a few places where you can use the Card around the Hospital to get extras, but the essential one is in the Nurses' Station, which opens a corridor that links round to a storage room, which holds a couple more zombies. From there you can get into the Treatment Room, but be careful! There's two Hunter Betas waiting for you in there, and fighting both is difficult to say the least. We recommend rolling a grenade through the door and backing up - it should kill at least one of them and badly damage the other, allowing you to fight on a more even footing. If it fails, use a flashbang and try to drop one of them before the other snaps out of it.

The tape is here, guarded by two more Betas. | Joel Franey/USgamer, Capcom Co., LTD

Once the Betas are dead, check the East side of the room. The tape is on a trolley next to a bed. Pick it up and combine it with the cassette player in your inventory.

How to Open the Voice Lock

Now you have the tape in the cassette player, head back to the voice lock, though keep in mind there's one more Beta in the second floor hall now. Once there, interact with the lock and present the tape player! You'll hear Bard chewing out a fellow co-worker, and when he says his full name, the doors will open, allowing you to enter his laboratory.

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