Resident Evil 3: How to Put Out the Downtown Alley Fire

Resident Evil 3: How to Put Out the Downtown Alley Fire

We'll show you how to make use of the hydrant to put out the fire blocking your path.

As the zombies of Resident Evil 3 amass in greater numbers, you'll have to power up the subway trains to escape. First thing's first though - put out the blazing inferno obstructing your path. In this guide we'll show you how to put out the fire and use the hydrant, allowing you to progress onwards.

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How to Put Out the Downtown Alley Fire in Resident Evil 3

Once you leave the Subway station safe house, you'll make your way down the main street until you find an alleyway on the right at the end. The gate is closed but not locked, and on the other side is a raging fire, as well as a hydrant you can choose to interact with, prompting the chance to combine it with an item in your inventory. However, right now there's nothing in your inventory you can use, or any way you can manipulate the hydrant. To do that, you'll need a fire hose.

The Fire Hose is in the Kite Bros building. | Joel Franey/USgamer, Capcom Co., LTD

Where to Find the Fire Hose for the Hydrant

The Fire Hose isn't really close, but it's a pretty straight path there if you know where to go and aren't concerned with finding additional items and resources along the way. If you want to take the critical path, we've outlined the route for you below.

  1. Heading back out of the alley, there'll be a cutscene where the metal fencing on the right collapses under several zombies' weight.
  2. The fencing now gone, that exposes a staircase going down to a small plaza. Head down the stairs, fighting or fleeing the zombies as you prefer.
  3. At the plaza, head straight ahead through the door into the "Moon's Donuts" donut shop.
  4. Inside, there's ammo and gunpowder on the tables, as well as a safe room on the left, if you need it. If your inventory is full, drop off some stuff in the storage box before moving on. There's also a Fancy Box inside which is part of an optional puzzle.
  5. Once done, head out the opposite door into a new street. There'll be a building on your right with a flickering sign that says "Kite Bros Railway," but referred to as the "Subway Office" on your map. Head inside.
  6. The hallway has one or two zombies, but it's a single path that curves around the reception room. Follow it to the end to see the Fire Hose on the floor. Pick it up, and retrace your steps all the way back to the alley.
The Fire Hose is what you'll need to escape. | Joel Franey/USgamer, Capcom Co., LTD

How to Use the Hydrant to Put Out the Fire

Once you have the hose in your inventory, approach the hydrant again and interact with it. This time, when prompted to use an item, select the hose. This'll begin a brief cinematic in which Jill extinguishes the fire and discards the hose, clearing the path ahead. This'll also allow you to take a diversion and get the optional shotgun, which we've outlined in our guide here.

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