Resident Evil 3: How to Solve the Fancy Box and Subway Station Monument Puzzle

Resident Evil 3: How to Solve the Fancy Box and Subway Station Monument Puzzle

We show you how to open up the clock in the subway safe room in Downtown.

Early on in your escapades through Resident Evil 3, you'll find either the ornate monument in the Subway, or the Fancy box with a red jewel inside. Here we'll explain for everybody how to solve the puzzle of the Monument and the Fancy Box.

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How to Open the Fancy Box in Resident Evil 3

The Fancy Box can be found in the safe room of the Donut Shop, at the bottom of the staircase on the Downtown main street. Once you get it, open your inventory and examine it. You'll be able to rotate the box in three-dimensions in front of you. Do so until the clasp is at the front, and you'll get a prompt to open it with either X or A, depending on what controller you're using.

There are three Fancy Boxes in the Downtown area, each one with a jewel inside. | Joel Franey/USgamer, Capcom Co., LTD

What to Do With the Red Jewel

Once you press it, the box will open, revealing a "Red Jewel," some kind of imitation ruby. The box will be thrown away and the jewel will replace it in your inventory. Finally, either put the jewel in the storage box in the safe room, or hold onto it.

How to Solve the Subway Station Monument Puzzle

Head back to the Station safe room you started in, the one that held the document on crafting with herbs. Head to the clock-monument device in the top-right hand corner, just past the typewriter, and interact with it. You'll be asked what item you want to use with it. Select the red jewel, and it'll click into the Monument. Once you do, a slot at the front will open, revealing a hand grenade you can take. However, there's also clearly two other slots of the same shape, coloured green and blue.

Where to Get the Green Jewel

The second jewel is also held in a Fancy Box, this one on the counter of the Downtown Toy Store, visible in the starting street with the Charlie Doll bobblehead mascot looming above it. You'll need a Lock Pick to get inside, however, as the door is sealed with a yellow lock. Once in, grab the Fancy Box and open it in your inventory in the same way. Bring it back to the Monument, and this time you'll get a Tactical Stock attachment for your shotgun. If you don't have the shotgun yet, just check out this guide here.

The Monument needs three gemstones. Each one nets you a better prize than the one before. | Joel Franey/USgamer, Capcom Co., LTD

Where to Get the Blue Jewel

The third jewel also has its own Fancy Box, this time in the trashed convenience store opposite the Toy Store. However, the door is chained shut, and you'll need the Bolt Cutters to get inside. There's also some High-Grade Gunpowder and a First Aid Spray which you can pick up on a back shelf. Open it and take the Sapphire-imitation jewel inside, then head back to the Subway.

What's Inside the Downtown Subway Monument?

As mentioned, the first jewel you put into the Monument will get you a grenade, and the second one the stock for your shotgun. The third one will get you a Hip Pouch, granting you an extra two slots in your inventory! You'll also get the "Power Stones" Achievement/Trophy for fully opening the Monument, a nice little bonus to the whole thing.

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