Resident Evil 3: All Safe Codes and Locations

Resident Evil 3: All Safe Codes and Locations

We show you where to find all the safe and locker codes and combinations in the Resident Evil 3 Remake.

Though there aren't quite as many locked safes in Resident Evil 3 as there are in previous games, they are certainly present, and you'll want to know how to get into them. In this guide we'll outline all the codes you need to unlock the safes, as well as where to find them and what's inside.

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All Safe Codes in Resident Evil 3

There are only three safes in Resident Evil 3, but each one has a valuable item inside that any player would want, such as unique weapon attachments. Below we've listed all the safe locations, as well as the codes, where you can find out the codes, and what you can expect to find when you open the safes.

There are three safes in the game, each one of which has a code somewhere close by. | Joel Franey/USgamer, Capcom Co., LTD

Resident Evil 3 Safe Codes and Locations

Safe LocationCode LocationCodeContents
Downtown, Shop Storage Room (2nd Floor)Inside the Pharmacy Building, on the Aqua Cura poster9 left, 1 right, 8 leftDot Sight (Handgun)
Police Station, West Office (1st Floor)Safe room at the bottom of the main stairwell9 left, 15 right, 7 leftHip Pack (+2 Inventory Slots)
Hospital, Nurses' Station (2nd Floor)Operating Room (1st Floor, needs ID Card as Carlos to open)9 right, 3 leftDual Magazine (Assault Rifle)

How to Open Safes in Resident Evil 3

If you're having trouble opening the safe even with the code, remember the following:

  1. Don't press the enter/confirm button after every number, only when you've done the whole thing.
  2. Make sure you back out or confirm after each attempt.
  3. If the code was written on a document, you can always double-check it in the Files section of you inventory.

Locker Codes and Locations in Resident Evil 3

There's two lockers inside the Police Station that can be opened with three-digit letter codes, as opposed to number dials before. Neither has anything truly valuable inside, but they're useful to know.

  1. Shower Room (2F): CAP
  2. Stairwell (3F): DCM

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