Resident Evil 3: What Happens If You Miss Nicholai?

Resident Evil 3: What Happens If You Miss Nicholai?

We go over the consequences of shooting or not shooting Nicholai.

Resident Evil 3 concludes with a rooftop brawl between Jill, Carlos and Nicholai, one of the game's primary villains - but it all depends on whether or not you can make the shot that hits him. We'll cover what happens if you hit or miss Nicholai here.

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What Happens If You Miss The Shot on Nicholai at the End of Resident Evil 3?

The scene is set: after dealing with Nemesis, Carlos has Nicholai in a tenuous chokehold, even while Nicholai is attempting to knife him. Carlos shouts at Jill to shoot, despite the risk that the bullet might miss and hit him, or even pass through Nicholai and hurt him anyway.

Doing anything but shooting Nicholai results in both Jill and Carlos being killed. | Joel Franey/USgamer, Capcom Co., LTD

Assuming you fire at Carlos' shaggy head, don't shoot or miss both of them altogether, you get the same cutscene: a brief moment of Jill looking uncertain before Nicholai suddenly breaks free, cuts Carlos' throat and manages to throw the knife into Jill's head before she can react, killing them both. The scene ends with Nicholai looking smug as he stands between the two bodies, whereupon you get the standard "Game Over" screen, allowing you to reload and retry the shot.

What Happens If You Hit Nicholai?

Assuming you land the shot anywhere on Nicholai's torso and up, you'll get the same result: a cutscene in which Nicholai is injured but not killed, taking him out of the fight, and Carlos is wounded only superficially, allowing Jill to pull him back up and letting the two of them make their own escape, leading to the game's main ending.

Can You Kill Carlos at the End?

No, as far as we know there's no way to deviate from the standard result. The only way that Carlos dies is if you trigger the first result mentioned, with Jill faltering and Nicholai slitting his throat.

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