Resident Evil 3: Where to Get the Shotgun

Resident Evil 3: Where to Get the Shotgun

We show you how to get your own pump-action shotgun to combat the Umbrella undead.

A classic of zombie-killing media, before long you'll want your own shotgun in Resident Evil 3. In this guide we'll cover how to get the shotgun as well as some ammunition early on.

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How to Get the Shotgun in Resident Evil 3

The earliest way you can get the shotgun in Resident Evil 3 is in the Downtown area, where you'll be going out to restart the subway train on the orders of Mikhail. The shotgun is an optional find that will require you to jump through a few hoops, but it's worth it to get one of the game's best weapons.

The shotgun is a great way to end enemies in close-quarters. | Joel Franey/USgamer, Capcom Co., LTD

Where to Get the Shotgun

The shotgun is in a gun cabinet in Kite Bros Railway building, where you'll be able to redirect the subway later on in the mission, and where you find the Fire Hose to progress earlier on. We can show you how to get to the building in our guide here - the shotgun is simply in a storage cabinet in the reception room on the right of the Hose, the one the corridor circles around. However, it's also currently inaccessible, owing to the large chain holding the cabinet shut. If you have the Bolt Cutters, which we've detailed in our guide here, you can bust the chain and get yourself this powerful new weapon.

How to Use and Equip the Shotgun

You can swap to the shotgun while it's in your inventory through use of the directional keys on the controller, and can aim/shoot it with the same controls you use for the pistol. However, the shotgun is much more powerful, more likely to destroy zombies' heads (killing them for good), and has a much shorter range. It's also harder to get ammunition for, but we can help with that.

How to Get Shotgun Ammo

Shotgun ammunition is found around the whole of RE3's campaign in the same way you've been finding pistol ammo up until now, but it tends to come in smaller bunches. Pick up a pack of pistol poppers and you'll likely get fifteen rounds, but shotgun shells only come in packs of six.

Still, that doesn't mean you can't make use of it. We've got the recipes for crafting shotgun ammo here, or there's a pack of shells close to the Kite Bros building. When leaving into the street, head right and go down the road until you see a chained-up alleyway gate on the right side. Open it with the Bolt Cutters, but be careful - there's three zombies at the end of the alley, and another playing dead when you walk in, who will stand up and try to ambush you from behind. However, if you can get through, there's a hand grenade on a dead soldier, not to mention a silver case containing a pack of shotgun rounds you can use. Now Jill's a true force to be reckoned with.

If you're a lifelong shareholder in Umbrella Corp, we've got all sorts of content here at USG for you. Take a look at the leaked screenshots of RE3 detailed by Hirun here, or check out how Nemesis is designed to rebuff trolls, Skyrim-style.

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