Resident Evil 7 Has Already Made Back Its Development Costs

Capcom is happy with the sales of the Resident Evil soft reboot.

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As part of its third fiscal quarter financial results, Capcom revealed that Resident Evil 7 is profitable for the company, having recouped all development costs already. Capcom executives revealed that the game has shipped 3 million copies as of February 1, on track to reach the publisher's target of 4 million shipped by the end of the fiscal year on March 31, 2017.

Overall, Capcom believes in the long tail of Resident Evil 7.

"Compared to Resident Evil 6 this may seem like a lower initial pace, however this can be attributed to the recent wider adoption of digital downloads and the transition from a sharp initial spike in sales for games to a continuous long tail," said the company in an investor Q&A. "Further, we believe that achieving our fiscal-year target of 4 million units for this title is wholly possible, as we expect sales to continue for a longer period, buoyed on highly positive post-launch reviews from both the media and consumers."

Downloadable content, including Banned Footage Vol. 1, has contributed to the overall success of Resident Evil 7. Banned Footage Vol 2 released earlier this week on PlayStation 4, with Xbox One and PC releases forthcoming.

What's​ ​In​ ​the​ ​Resident​ ​Evil​ ​7​ ​Season​ ​Pass​ ​and​ ​Free​ ​DLC​ ​Coming​ ​This​ ​Spring

Here's​ ​all​ ​the​ ​downloadable​ ​content​ ​coming​ ​to​ ​Resident​ ​Evil​ ​7​ ​in​ ​the​ ​future.

"Earnings contributions from Resident Evil 7 will come primarily from sales of the main game, with additional downloadable content playing a complementary role. We believe strategically releasing appealing additional downloadable content to stimulate continuous interest among game players will result in an extended lifecycle for the title, and will be important in exceeding the lifetime units sold by the previous installment over the course of the game's life," said Capcom, employing a significant amount of business gibberish.

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  • Avatar for thewonps #1 thewonps A year ago
    Resident Evil and Final Fantasy are great and I just voted for a Clinton. The 90's are back baby!
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  • Avatar for sketchlayerjosh #2 sketchlayerjosh A year ago
    It does make me wonder if games are going to see a chunk of their audience adopting a "wait for the GOTY" rhetoric, similar to how comics how the "wait for the trade" crowd. If so, I wonder how publishers will respond to that. It's good that Capcom is seemingly able to be patient, but not every publisher has that luxury. Capcom doesn't have a parent company breathing down their neck waiting for the first sign that the notoriously risky games industry wasn't worth the effort so it can cut its losses.
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  • Avatar for brionfoulke91 #3 brionfoulke91 A year ago
    I mean, Im definitely happy to see Capcom do well. They dont often get much credit these days, but I think theyre still a great dev. I love Dragons Dogma, Phoenix Wright, Monster Hunter, and even the new Street Fightet.

    But even so, I hope the success of this game doesnt mean more like it. I hope he possibility of a RE that returns to its 3rd person, non-VR, cinematic roots remains open. I hope thats what the RE2 reboot will be, because then maybe I can make peace with this game.
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  • Avatar for thewonps #4 thewonps A year ago
    @brionfoulke91 Dragon's Dogma had soooo many great things going for it. I'm dying for a real sequel.
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  • Avatar for airbagfin51 #5 airbagfin51 A year ago
    @brionfoulke91 I hope that never remains open. That would be the tragedy of all future horror experience.

    I can't imagine a future where "3rd person, Non-VR, Resident Evil" is walking around, hoping it is all the things you say, and then it just looks funny to me, because this is some kind of dumb easter-egg (like that stupid thing in Uncharted 4 with that stupid animal), and they are just ruining the horror by making it 3rd person.

    ;)Edited 2 times. Last edited February 2017 by airbagfin51
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  • Avatar for Spectreman #6 Spectreman A year ago
    If you put the value added to RE brand, which is more difficult to measure, was a good deal. And Sony should be extra happy with all the VR "killer app" talk. Even with inferior hardware in comparison with PC, they have the best VR game for now. Also helped VR to go away from the bulshit teleport system.
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  • Avatar for reptilio #7 reptilio A year ago
    I'm glad to hear this I hope it means they stick with the resident evil as horror approach
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  • Avatar for garion333 #8 garion333 A year ago
    "said Capcom, employing a significant amount of business gibberish"

    I can't decide if this is hilarious or unprofessional. Probably both. ;)
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  • Avatar for rosalieperkins #9 rosalieperkins A year ago
    Deleted February 4000 by Unknown
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