Resident Evil Resistance Launches Oops, All Claires and Leons DLC in August

Resident Evil Resistance Launches Oops, All Claires and Leons DLC in August

Claire and Leon couldn't be here today, but they did leave their clothes here.

Judging by the looks of a new announcement from Capcom, it doesn't seem like Leon S. Kennedy or Claire Redfield will be coming to Resident Evil Resistance anytime soon. They'll be there in spirit, though, because next month the co-op spin-off is getting some paid costume DLC that turns its cast into a group of Leon and Claire cosplayers.

Yes, as Capcom has revealed via Twitter, August will see the launch of a costume DLC pack for Resident Evil Resistance that puts its cast of six plucky teens plus Jill Valentine into one of two costumes from the Resident Evil 2 remake: either Leon's Raccoon City PD uniform, or Claire's red jacket and jeans combo.

Coordinated outfits for the Umbrella onslaught. | Capcom

Seeing Martin Sandwich dressed up like a cop? Yeah, that's strange, but it's somehow even weirder to see Jill rocking Claire's jacket.

Along with the costume pack for Resistance, Capcom says Resident Evil 3 will get an "All In-game Rewards Unlock" DLC soon, which will let players get Jill's classic S.T.A.R.S. costume and other items without going through the process of earning it all through the single-player.

Resident Evil Resistance may lean more into action and absurdity than the survival horror core of the series, but hey, at least it looks like Capcom is rolling with it. On top of the very '80s get-ups, bizarre animal costumes, and clown skins for zombies that were added in a recent update, having a bunch of not-Claires and not-Leons running around may not even be the oddest thing you can see in Resistance, but it's got to be up there.

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