Resogun: Defenders PS4 Review: Icing on the Cake

Resogun: Defenders PS4 Review: Icing on the Cake

Resogun's latest five-buck DLC makes a great game even better.

Finnish indie developer Housemarque's rather excellent voxel-based shooter, Resogun, just got its second DLC update. Following on from Resogun: Heroes, Resogun: Defenders introduces two new modes, Protector and Commando. The former plays very similarly to other modes, while the latter adds a whole new spin on the game.

Protector basically puts you in the position of guardian to one of the last human remaining human colonies. Your mission objective is to collect humans in typical Resogun fashion, and deposit them at a terminal at a specific point along the map. Very quickly the action ramps up with constantly evolving waves of enemies, and soon you're in combat amidst a fiendishly hectic environment filled with myriad hazards. That might sound like the usual Resogun fare, but this is more intense than anything the game has thrown at you before. Fortunately there are new power-ups to help you along the way, including a Super Boost and Teleport, and the ability to carry multiple humans.

An interesting new feature are environments that morph over time and provide extra threats – such as a volcano that starts to erupt, spewing molten rocks everywhere. Like you need more things to avoid.

Those rocks also appear in the second new mode, Commando. This is a whole new way of playing Resogun. Feeling something akin to a twin stick version of Missile Command, you control a human (who sounds like a comedic Arnold Schwarzenegger impersonator) who's armed with a single laser weapon. The objective is simple: protect your house from a constant bombardment of rocks, meteors and other enemies lifted from the main game.

Helping things along are – as you would expect – power-ups, but there are also bandanas that you can use to add modifiers to your offensive strategy. Like Protector, the game amps up the action quickly. Jumping into either of these if you're not familiar with Resogun is basically like diving into the deep end of the game. Both these modes are clearly made for those who know the game well, and present a high level of action and challenge.

The cost of all this madness and mayhem is a quite reasonable $4.99. Is it worth it? I think so. I loved playing Commando mode: it's a completely new take on Resogun, and a breath of fresh air. It's basically a whole new mini-game in its own right, and if it were a standalone product, I'd quite happily pay the full asking price for it. Yes – it really is that fun.

But then the DLC also includes Protector mode, which if you think you're a Resogun master will really challenge your talents to their limit. I'm reasonably good at the game, and I pretty much got my ass handed to me on a platter until I sat down and put in some serious practice. It's pretty much Resogun meets bullet hell, and it's very tough – but still highly enjoyable.

Ultimately, if you enjoy Resogun and are seeking a new challenge, Defenders is a great way of adding extra lasting appeal to what is already a classic PS4 shooter.

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