Retronauts Attempts to Make Sense of the Wonder Boy/Adventure Island Schism

Retronauts Attempts to Make Sense of the Wonder Boy/Adventure Island Schism

The most confusing franchise in video gaming now becomes the most confusing podcast in video games.

Listen, things are about to get a little complicated, and it might be hard to follow. It's not you. It's not even us. It's the games, man.

This week, our ol' pal Ray Barnholt joins us as we explore one of the messiest, most sprawling game franchises ever: Wonder Boy. Or Adventure Island. Take your pick! They're the same thing. Sometimes. But then sometimes they're not. And sometimes they wear the wrong series' name. Or get called something else altogether. It's confusing. Here, just listen to the episode and see what I mean:

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Episode Description

Ray Barnholt joins Jeremy and Bob in an attempt to make sense of the bizarre lineage of SEGA's Wonder Boy, Hudson's Adventure Island, and the pronunciation of "Westone." It's 100 minutes of confusion!

Anyway, to help you follow this episode, I've put together the following chart to help sort out the relationships between the games at the end of the article. It may not look that mind-boggling at a glance, but just you wait until we get into the weird details like the way the original Wonder Boy was inexplicably called "Revenge of Drancon" on Game Gear, or all the times Wonder Boy titles were tied to other licenses for a single entry. Or the Wonder Boy game that was called Adventure Island in Japan. Or the one that was a remake of the original game but was called Super Adventure Island II on mobile. Or the fact that Adventure Island I & II on Game Boy were Adventure Island II & III in Japan. Or... well, anyway, just have listen, and maybe keep a scratch pad handy. I promise this is by far the most convoluted franchise we'll ever — ever! — cover on the Retronauts podcast, bar none.

At least until we get to Dragon Slayer, anyway.

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