Retronauts Explores Final Fantasy (the NES Game)

Retronauts Explores Final Fantasy (the NES Game)

The adventure that kicked off the world's most popular RPG series is getting a new lease on life through the NES Classic Mini, and we give it a thorough look.

This week's Retronauts accidentally turned out to be doubly relevant! I love when that happens.

The topic this time around is Final Fantasy. That's "the NES game called Final Fantasy," not "all games in the Final Fantasy series." We do talk a bit about Final Fantasy II as well, but mostly this podcast takes a deep-ish dive into a single game, as we have done a few times over the past year or so. Wired's Chris Kohler and IGN's Sam Claiborn join me and Bob to dig into the origins and inspirations of the game that kicked off the world's most successful and popular RPG series — the first of a few deep-dives we have planned for Final Fantasy games.

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Episode Description

Chris Kohler and Sam Claiborne join up for another single-game exploratory session, this time centered around the original Final Fantasy. More like Final FantasTIC, right???

What makes this episode so fresh and relevant, you may ask? Well, first, tomorrow is the 25th anniversary of the first truly important game in the Final Fantasy series, Final Fantasy IV for Super NES. We'll dissect that one in detail some other time, but to properly understand its importance you need to have a grasp on its NES predecessors. Secondly, Final Fantasy is one of 30 games Nintendo in its upcoming Classic Mini NES standalone console. So, if you're not sure why you should bother with that particular game once you grab one of those mini-consoles, this podcast should shed a little light on that mystery. Enjoy!

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