Retronauts Micro Spins a Sample of Konami's 8-Bit B-Sides

Retronauts Micro Spins a Sample of Konami's 8-Bit B-Sides

This week, check out some great musical selections from Konami's lesser-known NES games.

We've kinda been on a Konami kick with Retronauts lately, haven't we?

The past few months have seen episodes about their cute-em-up, Parodius, and their sly offshoot label Ultra Games, and this week's episode offers another look at their former place in history as a very prolific video game developer. Fans of the company's 8-bit output should know Konami's stable of composers always did a stellar job, especially with series like Castlevania, Contra, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and their various shmups. But even their lesser games saw input from the developer's top-level musical talent, to the point where even the kinda-inexplicable RollerGames—a license lost to time—has a collection of absolutely rockin' tunes.

So, seeing as all of us classic gaming fans have essentially burned Konami's 8-bit musical hits into our brains, I put together this episode to call attention to compositions from games that might not receive as much attention. To be honest, I've never even played Mission Impossible or RollerGames—I guess the appeal of Peter Graves revivals and/or roller derby didn't strike me as particularly interesting as a kid. But years later, I can appreciate these soundtracks on their own terms, removed from the licenses that give them the status of "curious relics" today. That said, please enjoy this new, music-focused Retronauts Micro, and let me know what you think!

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