It's Official: The Retronauts Podcast is Coming to USgamer!

It's Official: The Retronauts Podcast is Coming to USgamer!

The most likely thing to happen has finally happened: Retronauts and USgamer are now BFFs.

If you've been following the recent, Kickstarted season of Retronauts, you might have thought to yourself, "Gee, now that Jeremy and Bob work for the same website again, why don't they just make Retronauts a part of it?"

Well, we've been thinking the same thing, too, which is why I'm proud to announce that Retronauts and USgamer will now be official partners—in content, not crime.

So what does this mean for you? Well, if you've been a regular listener, rest assured, the changes won't be dramatic. We're moving to a biweekly schedule to accommodate for our busier schedules, but, outside of that, it'll be business as usual for us. Oh, and we'll be flying Jeremy out from his east coast home to record with us instead of having him Skype in, so, if anything, our show can only get better.

There's a slight change to how we'll be doing business, though. Instead of relying on another Kickstarter campaign, we just launched a Patreon, which will be our only source of funding for the podcast. Our USgamer partnership is strictly logistical, not financial, so we're sticking with the crowd-funding approach. Naturally, we'll be offering assorted rewards for loyal backers, so it's hardly a one-sided affair here.

That said, our new episodes will start on December 1, with new ones to follow every two weeks after that. And we'll be doing plenty of non-podcast stuff for USgamer under the Retronauts name, so there's plenty more to look forward to. If you'd like more information about the particulars of the new season, listen to the embedded episode below, or head on over to its blog entry for a detailed breakdown—and why not bookmark our site while you're there? And for more updates and content, be sure to follow our Twitter, Facebook, Twitch, and Soundcloud pages. Thanks for all of your support, and please look forward to a brand-new season of Retronauts! Oh yeah, and, uh, please subscribe to our podcast using the player of your choice.

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