Retronauts Prays for a True Peace In Space

Retronauts Prays for a True Peace In Space

The podcast returns at last to the topic that launched its inaugural episode nearly 10 years ago: Nintendo's Metroid series.

The Retronauts podcast will turn 10 in 2016 (because I needed something else to make me feel hopelessly old), and with the incipient arrival of that grim milestone, we've decided to revisit the very first topic the show ever covered: Nintendo's Metroid games.

In fact, Metroid technically predates the first Retronauts episode, unless I'm mixing up my facts as a result of time, age, and senility (which is possible). If I recall correctly, we recorded a video chat about Metroid as a test to see if a video podcast would be a viable format. It wasn't, so instead we just shelved the video and rolled on ahead with a normal audio-only production. I know that video made it online at some point; I remember people complaining about the fact that Scott Sharkey put his boots up on the recording table. Because people complain about stupid, trivial things on the Internet.

To quote the poet Palmer, it's been a long time since we took a stroll through the labyrinthine corridors of planet Zebes. So let me get back, baby, where we come from. For this episode, Metroid super-fan Jose Otero (formerly of 1UP like myself and Bob, currently running IGN's Nintendo section) joins us to talk about Nintendo's classic exploratory platformer series. Note that we're only talking about the core Metroid games here, not Metroid Prime—that's a topic for a different episode! Also, we've had this show in the can for a really long time for various reasons, so it actually was recorded before E3 2015. That's good, though! It means this is the only Metroid podcast published in the latter half of 2015 that doesn't involve whining about Metroid Prime: Federation Force (or complaining about said whining). You're welcome.

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Episode Description

Jeremy, Bob, and IGN's Jose Otero revisit a subject dear to their hearts: Nintendo's Metroid series. It's the only Metroid podcast in 2015 that does't complain about Federation Force! (Because it was recorded before E3.)

Music in this episode comes from various and sundry Metroid games, naturally. Do you recognize them all? If not, why not!?

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