Retronauts Puts Game Boy Under the "Micro"-scope, Sort Of

Retronauts Puts Game Boy Under the "Micro"-scope, Sort Of

A look back at the launch of the legendary handheld in this unusual Micro episode.

As its name suggests, Retronauts Micro episodes are meant to be much shorter than standard episodes — off-week bonus material for what technically is a biweekly podcast. This week's episode doesn't break that rule so much as shatter it like a hammer to a light bulb.

There's a reason for this unconventional Micro installment, though: E3 was a dud. Well, no, E3 2016 was great, as we've mentioned... but it turned out to be alarmingly slight when it came to classic gaming topics. Outside of a handful of indie games like Bloodstained, the show didn't precisely offer a bumper crop of things that would fit under the Retronauts umbrella... which is a shame, because my plan for this episode of Micro was originally to record a conversation about classic gaming at E3. That production would have worked out as something more akin to Retronauts Subatomic than Retronauts Micro, so instead I switched to Plan B and dug up this old thing:

Recorded nearly a year ago, this episode was originally going to be the pilot for a monthly Game Boy-themed podcast to accompany my Game Boy World side project (wherein I've been chronicling the history of the Game Boy platform in chronological order). I've sat on this audio conversation all this time for a few reasons — chief among them being that I wasn't sure I really wanted to commit to another podcast project. And as much work as I'm putting into detailing the Game Boy's history, building yet another retrospective layer seems a bit like overkill. So, instead, I'm posting it here as a make-good for my failed E3 plans; hopefully an hour-plus conversation will make up for the fact that the conversation in question is a dead end.

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Episode Description

It's not really a Micro episode, but that's OK — it's not really Retronauts, either. Jeremy digs up a pilot episode for a Game Boy-centered podcast (costarring Game Boy superfan Bryan Ochalla) that ultimately never saw the light of day. In this standalone episode, we discuss the system's launch and day-one releases: Baseball, Alleyway, Yakuman, and of course Super Mario Land.

The conversation in this episode covers the Game Boy's original launch in Japan (back in April 1989). That is to say it covers the console itself and the first four games that launched in Japan (only three of which made it West). Special thanks to Bryan Ochalla, a Game Boy devotee who agreed to give this podcast venture a shot with me and being a different perspective to the system. Definitely give his blog a look!

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