Rhythm Game Avicii Invector Will Donate Some of Its Royalties to Mental Health Foundation

Rhythm Game Avicii Invector Will Donate Some of Its Royalties to Mental Health Foundation

Owners of the original 2017 release of Invector on PS4 will receive the new version as a free update.

Tim Bergling, best known to the world as EDM artist Avicii, got to see his music featured in a rhythm game before his passing in 2018. Now, Hello There and publishers Wired Productions are re-releasing the title as Avicii Invector for the PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch later this year, with a portion of the royalties going directly to a charitable foundation established by Bergling's family.

Released in December 2017 on the PS4, Hello There Games' Invector set its spaceship obstacle courses to an all-Avicii soundtrack. The new version, Avicii Invector, will feature 25 songs from the artist, including "Levels," "Waiting for Love," and "The Nights." A representative for Wired Productions tells USgamer that Avicii Invector serves as "a massively enhanced 1.5 version for PS4," and that the owners of the original release will receive Avicii Invector as a free update.

25% of the royalties from sales of Avicii Invector will go to the Tim Bergling Foundation. Established earlier this year by Bergling's parents Klas and Anki Bergling, the foundation's primary focus is on advancing recognition of suicide as a global health emergency. In addition to related research and advocacy concerning mental health, the foundation also intends to support nonprofits dedicated to "issues for which Tim had a passion, such as climate change, preservation of endangered species, global hunger, and more."

In April 2018, Bergling passed away while on a vacation to Oman. His family later revealed the cause of death was suicide. Bergling was 28 years old. In 2016, Bergling retired from touring to focus on music production. A year later, the Netflix documentary "Avicii: True Stories" revealed Bergling's struggles with alcohol and personal health, which were exacerbated by his demanding tour schedule.

Avicii Invector's rhythm gameplay, centered around piloting a spaceship along neon-drenched tracks in time with the music, should look familiar to anyone who has played games like Audiosurf or Thumper. Avicii Invector also supports four-player splitscreen play. Our sister site Push Square reviewed Invector in 2017 and found it to be an engaging if not particularly challenging rhythm game, and very well suited for fans of Avicii's discography.

Wired Productions says Avicii Invector will be released this coming winter. In addition to expanding to new platforms, all versions of Avicii Invector will receive retail releases. Currently, the original release of Invector is available on the PlayStation Store for $19.99 USD.

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