Ring Fit Adventure for Switch is Wii Fit With a Story Mode

Ring Fit Adventure for Switch is Wii Fit With a Story Mode

Nintendo's new fitness product is an adventure game first, with fitness challenges and minigames on the side.

Nintendo has revealed the purpose of the new ring-shaped and thigh strap Joy-Con accessories it teased in a recent video: they're what you use to play Ring Fit Adventure, a new fitness game for the Switch coming on October 18. The game's core mode is a single player adventure game with exploration and turn-based combat mechanics built around doing different exercises. Ring Fit Adventure also includes more traditional minigame and set-based modes.

Those strange new Joy-Con accessories we previously saw, officially referred to as the Ring-Con and Leg Strap, are used in Ring Fit Adventure's various game modes. The flexible Ring-Con, which is used with a right Joy-Con, can detect the force applied to compress and stretch the ring as well as the relative position of the ring to your body, giving it uses in everything from yoga-inspired poses to abdominal crunches. It looks like the infrared sensor on the right Joy-Con can also be used to measure your pulse between activities. The Leg Strap and left Joy-Con mostly seem to be used for detecting when you're jogging, skipping, or jumping in place.

Ring Fit Adventure's adventure game mode stars a woman with a flaming ponytail who sets out on a quest to save the world from "an evil bodybuilding dragon"—think Ganon in a wrestling singlet and you're kinda there. The adventure mode appears to be split up into individual levels distributed on a simple world map, and each level has an estimated difficulty level listing time to complete, calories burned, and equivalent running distance. While exploring the game's world, regular navigation is achieved through running in place, with occasional use of the Ring-Con to jump or perform other actions like rowing a boat. During Ring Fit Adventure's turn-based combat you attack by performing different exercise moves grouped into various archetypes, with damage dealt based on how well you performed a move and whether or not the enemy is weak to attacks based on that exercise category.

The Quick Play modes included with Ring Fit Adventure include straightforward challenges for exercises, sets designed to target certain areas of the body, and high score minigames suitable for taking turns in groups. As with Wii Fit, Nintendo is targeting a wide range of fitness levels and even home set-ups; there's a toggle for a "silent mode" that trades jogging in place for quieter, lower-impact knee bobbing.

We'll be able to see how Ring Fit Adventure measures up to its Wii predecessor next month, but we've seen enough already to ask the most important question of all: when is the star of Ring Fit Adventure coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate?

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