Riot is Backing an Ambitious Minecraft-Style Game From Some of Its Biggest Creators

Riot is Backing an Ambitious Minecraft-Style Game From Some of Its Biggest Creators

Minecraft's biggest content creators want you to visit a whole new world with Hytale.

A Minecraft-inspired game called Hytale is coming soon, and it already looks cool as well as sweet. It's being developed by the co-founders of the Hypixel Minecraft server, and Riot Games, the makers of League of Legends, is on board as an investor.

"Hypixel" is a massive Minecraft server created in 2012. It features a whole bunch of mini-games for users to conquer, which earns it regular spotlights in Minecraft streams and on popular YouTube channels. Hytale, which is being developed by the newly-formed indie team Hypixel Studios, likewise lets players play complex mini-games.

That's not all. Hytale is a separate game from Minecraft, and though it uses the "voxel"-style graphics made popular by Mojang's building / adventure title, it carries a distinct visual style. The character and enemy models are much more detailed, and seemingly more animated. For example, the trailer demonstrates how blocks and other building materials jump a little when they're hit with pickaxes.

Aside from building and mini-games, Hypixel promises Hytale lets players "embark on a journey through a procedurally generated fantasy world either solo or with friends." The trailer puts a special emphasis on exploring and fighting (PvP included), and there seems to be a wider range of enemies than what Minecraft generally offers.

Hypixel isn't ready to announce a release date for Hytale yet, and the game's FAQ says it's slated for PC and Mac, "with the capacity to run game servers on Linux." Other platforms are a possibility, but PC and Mac are the focus for now. If you're Hytale-curious, you can sign up for its beta. And if you're a fan of the Hypixel Minecraft server, fear not: The team plans to keep supporting it.

While it's silly to call Hytale a "potential Minecraft killer" (Minecraft is still an utter beast of a game; Fortnite's barely touched its territory), there's an undeniable allure here for anyone who feels like Minecraft's graphics and action are a little dull. Of course, you can always download a mod to jazz up Minecraft's visuals and gameplay.

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