Ripple Dot Zero Totally Just Made My Day

Sometimes gaming throws up some really nice surprises. If you've got 15 minutes of spare time, read this story and follow the links. Hopefully you'll enjoy the journey.

It’s another Friday morning. My head is fuzzy from playing way too much online Magic 2014: Duels of the Planeswalkers last night. I have my coffee in one hand, and my mouse in the other as I troll through my Tweet stream. This one pops out at me from the highly reliable Michael Heald.

It points me, via, to this rather interesting-looking, and indeed fabulous-sounding video, whose classic 90’s 16-bit atmosphere immediately piques my interest for obvious reasons:

So I check out the developer, Pixeltruss, and discover they’re a Swedish trio: Tommy Salomonsson, Simon Stålenhag, and Nils Flodin, whose prior game is the monochromatic Metro Siberia. Their website has a whole selection of really cool drawings featuring the hero of their game, and even some authentic-looking period-style ads.

Gotta love Ripple Dot Zero's authentic-looking 90's style print ad.

At this point I’m really intrigued. They say this game is out now, but there’s no platform listed, or price point. And that’s when I discover this. Go there. And even if you sit there and do nothing, just listen.

Click on this for quite possibly the coolest free retro gaming thing you'll do today.

Oh. And just one more thing. If you like the music, there's another link below the next picture you should definitely check out!

If you love these drawings, check out the PixelTruss shop - they have prints and merchandising!

Pop on some headphones, click this link and prepare to wallow in 30 minutes of brand new old FM-style sounds.

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