Rise of the Tomb Raider - Abandoned Mines, Find the Crafting Tool, A Father’s Sword Relic

Rise of the Tomb Raider - Abandoned Mines, Find the Crafting Tool, A Father’s Sword Relic

Find the submachine gun parts and the combat knife by exploring the Abandoned Mines.

Abandoned Mines


Continue with Jacob through the tunnel. When it starts to collapse, run straight ahead and follow the path. Watch for falling boulders and turn when they block your path. There are soldiers along the way, but they don't attack you, so you can ignore them. Basically, just run to the end of this section.

When you reach the end, crawl through the hole at the end of the tunnel and you'll find yourself in a room with three soldiers – one above you on a ledge, and the other two on the other side of the room. You have a choice here: you can either shoot them immediately – recommended if you're a crack shot – or you can be patient and wait for them to split up and take them out individually using your stealth skills. Don't forget to loot the location – there are mushrooms on the ground, ore in the walls and a hidden item in the dirt on the left hand side.

The elevator doesn't function. Move the mine cart that's in the middle of the room over to the wall and then use it to jump onto the platform above. Grab the Combat Knife that's on the table and use it to slash the rope to make the wooden boxes fall, which will clear a path. Jump over to the other side, and cut the two ropes that hold the elevator.

Head back down to the lower area and climb into the elevator. Leap over to the ice wall to the right of the elevator and use your picks to climb to the top. Jump back over to the elevator shaft and go left until you can't go any further. Now climb up, and jump over to the ledge on the left hand side.

Head over to the desk and read the papers. There are some Ancient Coins on the floor next to the first corpse in the corridor to the right, and a manuscript next to the second one. Go past the row of corpses to the left and jump over the loose stones on the floor – it's a trap. Head on up the stairs to the campfire.

There's a mural on the right of the fire, which you should examine. Go up the stairs and around the corner. There are some mason jars that can be made into smoke bombs if you wish. Take out the two enemies in the next room, and then loot the wall on the left. There's a manuscript on the table, a salvage box and some ammo.

Head to the right and go into the next room and shoot at the oil drum in the middle of the room to take care of several enemies at once. You should be able to pick the rest off with ease. Once you've taken care of all the enemies, check the loot crate to find a Crafting Tool. Also look around the room – there are various pieces of loot to be found.

Check out the manuscript that's on the left on the machine at the far side of the room, then use the zip line to cross the chasm. Jump to the wooden platform that's sticking out across the chasm and then jump onto the nearby zip line. Quickly move left and head over to the stone path.

Look for the rope attachment and a cart that also has one. Run the rope between the two attachments, and this will knock a cart filled with stones into the chasm. Reel in the rope, and then cut it so that the cart hurtles into the truck and makes it fall. This should open the door to the shrine.

Move your way to the ice path on the other side of the path, clamber up onto the platform and then take a zip line to cross the chasm. The path continues into the room below, where a few soldiers lie in wait. Take them out whichever way you want, and then go back to where you jumped down to find a hidden coin cache. Examine the monolith and the salvage basket that's behind it, and then find the stairs and go down.

Be careful, as there's a spike trap here. What you need to do is slide down and then jump over the ice wall to avoid it. Now you can climb up the ice wall and then head left when you hit the fork in the path. At the end of the path on top of a bunch of crates is an item box containing the Father's Sword.

Go back the way you came and head past the barricaded wall on the right. In the corner there's a hidden item on the floor. To the right of that are loose stones – a spike trap – that you should jump over. There are some Ancient Coins on the ground nearby, and a satchel not far past them.

Head back to the barricade and use the rope to break it. Now go down the corridor and leap up to the alcove that's on the left. There's a manuscript and some loot to be found. Continue down the corridor again, but watch for more loose stones that signal yet another spike trap. Once you've jumped over them, continue to the end of the corridor to find a loot basket, and then climb up the ice wall using your picks.

There are more soldiers at the top lying in wait. Take out the guys on the ground, and then head up the ladder and take out the soldier who's camped out on the ledge to the left. Once you've killed all the enemies, head to the top and open the item crate to find a Submachine Gun piece.

Head around to the right and climb up the crane, then move along the walkway until you hit the stone path that's on the left of the crane. Head down to the lower area and push the cart that has a rope attachment into the middle of the track so it lines up with the cauldron hanging over the chasm.

Go between the rope attachment and cauldron and shoot a rope so that it connects the two. Turn the gear to move the cauldron into the waterfall. If nothing happens, you didn't shoot the rope correctly, so try again. Assuming the cauldron moves, once it's in the waterfall, head back to the other side of the cart and push it until the cauldron fills with water.

This will set off a chain reaction that will open a shrine. Climb up the crane and jump over to the far ledge before the boulders kill you. Jump again when you reach the edge of the stairs and you should be able to head into the shrine.

Warming Up

Take the two salvage boxes that can be found behind the statues. There are also some Ancient Coins in the middle of the room. Once you've collected everything, go down the stairs and head left. Watch for the loose stones on the floor and jump over them to avoid the spike trap and then continue into the water. Swim as fast as you can by pressing B rapidly and you should be able to make it to the next air pocket. Then dive again and swim to the next opening. This leads to some stairs that take you to the next part of the map.

If you need more help, check out our Main Guide and Walkthrough Hub Page. It contains links to the rest of our Rise of the Tomb Raider guide.

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