Rise of the Tomb Raider - Flooded Archives, The Cathedral, Dark Waters, Escape the Archive

Rise of the Tomb Raider - Flooded Archives, The Cathedral, Dark Waters, Escape the Archive

Learn how to tackle the Flooded Archives and Cathedral as you search for the Atlas.

Flooded Archives

The Cathedral

Leap across the beam and go through the window to enter the Cathedral. Go around to the right and ascend the wooden board that's on the wall, then climb onto the rock face above it.

Continue climbing until you have to shimmy left, then drop down to the lower beam and continue to move left until you hit the next corridor. Climb the board to the right, then continue right using the beam above. Climb onto the large wooden beam, then jump across to the white beam that's in front of you. Keep climbing and then go through the door on the left.

After the cut scene, shoot the generators three times, then after the next cut scene, backtrack to the prior room and look for the recorder that's on the floor. Go back out and head through the crack in the wall to get to the next camp fire.


Examine the mural on the wall, then go through the door on the left. Head past the burned corpses, then use your flame arrow to set fire to the large pots at the end of the pathway.

The Atlas

Go downstairs, and on the right is some loot and a manuscript. Once you've collected everything, go back in the opposite direction. Drop down to the platform below, then go straight over to the other side of the room. When you hit the far wall, go left, and then drop down to the ground and head upstairs to the right.

As soon as you take the artifact, you'll be attacked by soldiers. Take them out, then go to the next room and fight more soldiers. It's not over yet! More soldiers appear through the gate ahead. At this point use fire arrows on the pots to make them explode and take out several soldiers at once. Timing is crucial here – make sure the soldiers are next to the pots when you fire at them.

Dark Waters

When you've taken care of all the soldiers, go through the door and into the water ahead. Swim through the water, and head to the surface once, then keep on swimming as quickly as possible to activate a cut scene.

You'll now have the Rebreather that enables you to swim underwater for as long as you like. Continue to swim forward until you reach the end, and then go left.

Rising Tide

Once you're out of the water, use flame arrows on the exploding barrels that are dotted around the large statue. This will destroy one of its three bases.

Go right and behind where you were to find a ramp that has more exploding barrels. Use your rope and bow at the front of the ramp to make a single barrel fall. Now stand near the barrels and shoot the rope at the wooden scale in the middle of the water. Now kick the barrel into the water. Do this again with a second barrel and attach it to the other side of the scale. Shoot the scale once more, this time pulling the rope to rotate the scale so one of the barrels is dragged around to the other side. Cut the rope and push that barrel into the water towards the statue.

When it reaches the second base, shoot at it to destroy the base. Go to the camp fire, and continue down the stairs directly ahead. Go towards the next flight of broken stairs and down into the water below.

Carry on around the corner to the left and swim under the wood that blocks your path. Go into the next room, and take out the soldiers. If you swim behind them, you can kill them using stealth takedowns.

When the enemies are taken care of, climb out of the water and head onto the walkway in the center of the room. Move to the right and gather the loot, then head up the ladder. There's a rope that you can use to pull down the wooden barrier, which leads to a room with Ancient Coins in the left corner.

Go down the corridor to the far right of the room, and when you reach the next room look for the map in the left corner. Carry on through the doorway in the left corner, and use the grapple axe to head across to the far side.

Beware. There's a spike trap ahead, so get ready to deal with it. One the right is another room. Use the rope to pull down the wooden barrier, which opens up and entrance back to the main room. Now continue down the hallway where the spike trap is, until you reach the end. There's an item box here containing a Battle Standard relic. Go back to the prior room, and into the opening you created.

Locate yourself on the edge of the stream so that you can aim at the opening to the barrel holder. Release the barrel, and it'll stop at the wooden barrier in the middle of the stream. Shoot the barrel with your shotgun to clear the wreckage. Now go to the other side of the stream next to the rope pole. Release the next barrel and then quickly attach it to the rope pole or shoot it with the rope and pull it toward you. You want to make sure it doesn't go into the fire on the west side of the stream.

Assuming you attached the barrel to the pole, cut the rope once its' clear of the fire and when it reaches the statue, shoot it to destroy the base and bring down the statue.

Escape the Archive

Now it's time to escape from the archives. Run from the enemies who start attacking you, and head up the stairs to the left. Ascend the wall, then continue jumping and climbing up until you reach the top. Watch for the beam that falls, and get ready to jump when it does. Don't forget to use your grapple as you head through this area – and the next.

Look for a small rock wall, then head left and climb up to the platform above. Sprint down the path and leap across to the hanging crate, and then continue across to the beam and over to the wall on the other side. Climb to the top.

Slide down the water, and then swim past the rocks, When you reach the end, get out of the water and look for some Ancient Coins on the left. Go right and find the strongbox at the end of the corridor – it contains a Break-Action Shotgun piece. Now examine the mural on the left wall of the next corridor. Once you've done that, carry one down the stairs and climb up the rock wall.

Geothermal Valley

The Gathering

Go out of the cave and head down the path on the right. Go past the lookout, and grapple across the gap next to the tree. Continue down the path and cross the river, and on the right is a camp fire that has plenty of loot. Your next destination point is to the left. But before you go there, use a grenade arrow to clear the wooden barrier. Just beyond it, you'll find an Ancient Dagger relic. Make sure you grab it.

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