Rise of the Tomb Raider - Glacial Cavern, Find the Ice Ship Tomb, Archery Ancient Ability

Rise of the Tomb Raider - Glacial Cavern, Find the Ice Ship Tomb, Archery Ancient Ability

Find the Ice Ship Tomb and complete the puzzle within to unlock the archery ancient ability.

Stuck on the puzzle in the Glacial Cavern? Want to know how to get the Archery Ancient Ability? Read on to find out everything you need to know about the Glacial Cavern and the Ice Ship Tomb.

Glacial Cavern

When you reach the room beyond the bear's den, jump over to the ice wall and attempt to latch onto it. It breaks, and Lara slides down for a bit. When you stop, turn around and climb up the ice wall to find a scroll on the ledge.

Go back down and keep going through the cave. In the next room, open the item box in the far corner to get the Bone Arrowhead. Continue into the water ahead. Dive under the first low barrier, but before you get to the second barrier, go right and dive to find a box of salvage and a Paiza on the ledge above.

Go back on the main path and swim under the next barrier. When you reach the next room, grab the loot from the item box on the left, then look to the far right corner to spot another item box. Go up the ramp on the far left and leap over the gap to go into the tunnel. Jump across the next gap and latch onto the ice wall. Climb up to the ledge above.

Go up to the wooden bridge. However, before you reach the next destination point, move across the wooden plank to the left, jump over, and latch onto the ice wall. Climb up the wall and grab the item box to the left. Then move forward to access the optional Ice Ship challenge.

Ice Ship Tomb

Puzzle time! To do this, jump over to the ship's mast and move to the next platform. Grab the scroll and the mushrooms to the right. Then grab the item box to the left. Turn the gear in the middle. Climb up the wood to the left of the gear, then move to the edge of the second mast. When you reach the end of the mast, go left to head out to the very tip of the sail post.

Jump over to the anchor to break the ice surrounding it. Drop down to the previous platform. Go right to the far side and climb up the wood before using the wood above as a ladder. Go up to the next slab of wood until you reach the top. Then move to the left and climb onto the ledge above.

Completing the next puzzle requires some decent timing. Turn the gear on the ledge by rotating the left analog stick. This lowers the anchor, but as soon as you release the gear, it resets to its original position. When you've turned the gear as far as it'll go, move quickly to the end of the mast and jump onto the anchor to break the ice wall. If you're not fast enough, you'll fall. If this happens, grab onto the ice wall to keep from taking damage.

After breaking the ice, drop back down to the original platform. Then jump over the gap to the left and climb up the wall until you reach the oars above. Leap onto the second oar; some of the ice will give way. Press X to get a firm grip, then move right. Leap across the ice in your way, and keep moving to the right.

Shimmy up onto the small ice ledge, then climb up the wood and to the area above. Grab the Ancient Coins on the ground ahead, then go up the icy ramp to collect the arrows on the right. Look at the map and the scroll to the left of the arrows, and collect the item box on the left side of the stairs.

Go up the stairs and look at the pedestal to unlock an Ancient Ability for archery. Once you've done so, the optional Ice Ship Tomb challenge is complete. Go back down to the bridge to continue the main journey. Turn around and go to the far left edge to find a zip line that takes you back to the Glacial Cavern.

Glacial Cavern Continued

If you travelled via zip line from the Ice Ship, loot the item box next to your landing position to find the Enamel Brooch. If you skipped the Ice Ship, you'll find the item box at the end of the bridge. When you've collected the brooch, jump over to the nearby ice wall, latch onto it, and climb up to the top. Run to the end of the path and jump across to the ledge above.

Go across the next gap in the ice, and into the tunnel ahead. Make sure to grab the Ancient Coins on the right, just before the tunnel. Slip into the water, dive down, and quickly swim forward to get to the next opening in the ice. Get out of the water and circle around to the right to find another scroll.

Turn around and keep going down the path, then climb up the wall ahead and move up the bridge. Go into the tunnel ahead. On the far side of the tunnel is the Soviet installation. Go towards the camp to kick off another cut scene.

If you need more help, check out our Main Guide and Walkthrough Hub Page. It contains links to the rest of our Rise of the Tomb Raider guide.

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