Rise of the Tomb Raider - Mountain Peak: Find the Prophet's Tomb

Rise of the Tomb Raider - Mountain Peak: Find the Prophet's Tomb

Get through the blizzard and scale the mountain to find the Oasis and the Prophet's Tomb.

Mountain Peak Ascension

After the opening cut scene, go forwards and up the mountain as you slowly move across the icy cliff. A piece of ice breaks off, but you're fine. When the ground below crumbles, you start falling down the mountain. Press X when prompted to catch yourself, then move right along the edge of the cliff. Leap across the gap and press X again to grip tighter. Jump across the second gap, then jump up to the top of the cliff. Climb up.

Go right and climb up the ice wall. Move slightly to the right as you climb in order to avoid some of the gaps in the wall. When you can't go any higher, go left to avoid the icicles above, then leap across the gap to move towards your partner. When you can't go any further, jump over to your companion.

Keep going up the mountain and through the tunnel that's ahead. Move on until you get another cut scene. Inch towards the edge of the cliff, then jump onto one of the icicles and start climbing. The camera angle shifts, but keep climbing until you can't go any higher.

Jump up to the ledge above, then jump to the adjacent ledge on the right. When you've gone as far right as possible, jump up and grab onto the ice above. Then continue climbing up and to the right. When the icicles fall, jump across the new gap, and grab the ice on the far side. Press X once more to ensure your footing is solid.

Keep going up and to the right, and get ready to outrun an avalanche! Jump over the first gap and press X to steady yourself. Climb up and wait until the last minute to jump over to the next platform below. If you jump too soon you won't make it, and if you jump too late, you'll fall. It's important to jump as late as possible.

After sliding down the mountain, press X to grab hold of the cliff edge. Move quickly to the right and jump to the next ledge. Climb up and run down the path, jumping whenever a block of ice falls. At the end of the path, jump to the ice wall across the gorge, then begin ascending again.

The Lost Tomb

Another cut scene throws you two weeks into the past. When you take control of Lara, walk left, along the edge of the cliff. At the end of the path, climb up the rock wall and move right as far as possible. Then jump to the ledge above and go right on the path above. This goes to a side trail where you'll find an item box containing the Gilded Cross religious item.

Go back the way you came and follow the water up the side of the hill. When you slide into the small opening, keep going down the water-path. After another cut scene, activate Survival Instinct and check the glowing items in the area: The nearby pillar, the dial on the wall, the mural on the far wall up the small stairs, and another mural down the small pathway.

At this mural, take a look at the stones to the right to find a secret path. Use your pick to remove the bricks and go through the opening to see the ancient ruins.

The Hidden Oasis

Keep going down the path to the left. When you reach the wall at the end, climb up it by double-jumping, and move around to the left side. Leap up one ledge and move left to grip the wall. Jump across the gap, then double-jump to the top of the wall while the helicopter flies overhead.

Dash to the wooden plank and cross the gap. When the terrain begins to crumble, quickly leap to the ledge ahead, then run to its edge and jump again to make it to the other side. Jump down to the ledge below, travel to the end of the path, and jump again.

Move right and jump across the gap to the other side. Climb up to the path above. Go straight ahead and shimmy up the large boulders to reach an opening. Go through the narrow passageway, slithering past skeletons and scorpions. When you get to the end of the path, press Y to break the rocks in your way. Move into the Prophet's Temple.

The Prophet's Temple

It's nice and airy here after that scorpion-filled passage. Head right and activate Survival Instincts to spot a container in the corner. Examine it and then head back into the previous room to read the wall mural. Check out the scroll on the podium to the left of the mural. Continue right and go into the next room.

Shoot the top of the object that blocks your way. When you fall, use your pick to knock down the wall to the left (look for the vulnerable portion of the wall with your Survival Instincts). Swim to the ledge on the left so you can get back on dry ground.

Shoot down the slab of wood on the far side of the room, swim over to it, and use it to climb out of the water. Keep going down the path until your foot gets trapped. As soon as this happens, a sharp object swings towards you; get ready to shoot it. Quick swim to the far end of the corridor and climb out again. Go up the stairs to reach the inner part of the Prophet's Tomb.

The Prophet's Tomb

Go down the path to the right and hug the wall until you reach a breakable wall on the far side of the room. If you have trouble locating the weak spot, use your Survival Instinct to nail it down. Break down the wall to raise the room's water level. Swim to its far side and climb up the wooden shelves.

When you get to the top, go right and climb up the ledge. Jump over to the wooden platform to let the room fill up with more water. Swim across the way again to reach another set of shelves. Climb up and go around to the corner until you can climb up onto the path above. Leap over the spiked trap in the middle of the floor (it looks like a small pit in the stone path). Jump over to the ledge on the left, keep going across to the next ledge, then onto the path beyond.

Press X to get a good grip, then climb down. Head down the path on the right. Jump over the next spike trap, as well as the trap switch. If you trigger the spike trap, jump quickly to avoid it. If you trigger the other trap, shoot both falling spikes to save yourself. When you're in the open again, look to the right to spot another piece of parchment on the ground.

Examine it, then leap over to the hanging wooden platform. Quickly jump across to the far side. Run right, but before you reach the breakable brick wall ahead of you, look to the left and activate Survival Instinct. You should see Ancient Coins on the ground. Collect them, and then break the brick wall to raise the water level in the room.

Shoot the hanging wooden platform, then jump the same platform you used to make it across the room. This time, stay on the platform until you're knocked off by the water. Then quickly swim over and stand on the platform you shot down in order to jump to the wall on the right (which is facing away from the hanging wooden platform).

Go right and leap onto the pillar. Climb up and jump onto the wooden bar just above the hanging platform. When the water rushes you in the next room, climb up the wooden shelves and watch another cut scene.

Shoot the two enemies directly ahead of you, then run in their direction and leap across the gap. Go towards the end of the path, then veer left just before you reach the man who got squashed by rocks. Jump across to the other side of the room, press X to secure your grip, then climb up and move down the path. Jump when necessary until you reach the ledge at the end. Press X to grip it, then climb up to watch another cut scene.

If you need more help, check out our Main Guide and Walkthrough Hub Page. It contains links to the rest of our Rise of the Tomb Raider guide.

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