Rise of the Tomb Raider - Siberian Wilderness, A Cold Welcome, Best Laid Plans

Rise of the Tomb Raider - Siberian Wilderness, A Cold Welcome, Best Laid Plans

Return to the frozen wastes of Siberia, fight off Trinity soldiers, learn more about their plans, and find the Prince's Crown.

A Cold Welcome

Lara's alive, but she's pretty chilled. Go through the snow and make your way down the path. You find a deserted camp, but you need supplies. Go left of the camp and use Survival Instinct to find and located the items you need: Two tree branches and a freshly-killed deer. Go back to the camp and build a fire.

When the fire's going, try upgrading some of your tools and weapons. Access the weapons menu and upgrade your bow to increase its damage. You should have at least one skill point by now, so upgrade Lara's skills if you like.

When you're ready, go left of the camp site. There's a narrow trail to the left of the main path. Go down it to find crafting supplies; use Survival Instinct to find them, as well as your next destination. Near the end of trail, there's a large boulder. Climb on top of it to find another scroll.

From the boulder, jump onto the nearby tree branch. Climb on top of the branch and move to the bough's end. Jump across to the next branch, then onto the wooden platform ahead. There's a box here. Open it to find five feathers, which can be used for crafting. Slide down the rope to reach the ruins below. Examine the monolith beside one of the blue flags here. There's also a survival cache to the right of the blue flags (facing away from the zip line). It's marked by a glowing spot in the snow.

You can climb any trees with bark at their base. One such tree is in the direction you need to go next. Climb the tree to reach the branch above, then jump to the adjacent ledge. Move towards your destination to kick off a cut scene of a bear attack.

It's time to run, but running won't be enough in this case. When you see a log on the ground ahead, run across it and jump over the deep snow beyond. Keep running and don't stop until Lara automatically slides into a small opening made of fallen trees at the end of the path. If you stop at any point before reaching safety, Lara will be bear's meat.

When you're in the opening, the bear still tries to get to Lara. Fend it off with melee attacks. Keep on going until you get another cut scene.

Echoes of the Past

Lara shakes off the bear, but she wounds herself in the process. You need to find resources to heal up. Activate Survival Instinct to find the herbs and cloth you need up ahead.

Best Laid Plans

Once you've patched Lara up, go back down the hill and climb up the wooden structure at the end of the path. Pick the mushrooms on the ground in the cave ahead, then climb up the ice wall at the end. Get the salvage box on the right, and move out onto the ridge and jump up onto the zip line above.

Slide down to the camp site below. Collect the salvage materials lying near one of the blue flags. Then head towards your next destination point to find another item that's hidden by the snow. Climb up the nearby tree and jump over to the ledge to find another item box with a valuable bounty: The Crown of a Prince.

Go back down and continue towards the destination point. Go into the cave beyond. Collect two more mushrooms on the cave floor, then go through the small opening as you collect more mushrooms and look for cloth.

When you get to the open area up ahead, turn on Survival Instinct to see the Magnesite Ore deposits on the wall. Gather all the ore in the room, as well as the scroll in the far corner. Go back out of the cave the same way you came in. Go toward the next destination point while hugging the right side of the area to find another item hidden in the snow on top of a stone ledge.

Get the mushrooms growing on the tree stump to the right, just before your next destination point. You're back at your original camp site. Craft some poison arrows, and some silent arrows if you feel like it.

After another cut scene, you find yourself in a tree high above a Trinity thug. Press Y to drop down on them, then press Y to finish them off. Loot the body and hide in the nearby bushes until a second enemy approaches. Take him down and loot the body, then move towards your next destination point.

Now the Grab and Go challenge is active. You need to loot a total of three bodies to finish it. You've already looted two, so you're ahead. You'll run into several more Trinity members before reaching your next destination point, so finishing up the challenge shouldn't be a problem. Use the bushes as cover, then shoot arrows at any enemy you come across. Be careful when aiming; if you miss, the enemy may open fire.

Kill the remaining four enemies in the area, loot all their bodies, and look at the table in the camp site to gather more intel on what's going on. When you're done, head to the next destination point. Collect the boxes of salvage here. It's time to fight the bear again, and this time it'll be a fight to the death.

Go to the cave entrance to engage the bear. Your best bet is to use the poison cloud. Aim an arrow with LT, then press RB to launch an arrow that creates a poison cloud. The bear will be stunned, but make sure you're not too close to the cloud or else you'll take damage too.

Lure the bear into the open, and use the snow-covered boulder to gain some leverage. It can't attack while you're up there, so this is a good spot to get out of trouble and ponder your next move. You can also refill your arrows at the quiver behind the boulder.

Run around the open area, using poison gas clouds whenever possible. Whenever the bear is stunned, shoot as many normal arrows at it as you can. When it charges, poison it again.

When the bear is dead, loot the body for resources, then go into the cave. There's a lot of loot in here, so gather it all before you go into the next corridor. There's a scroll on the ground, a deer, a loot crate, and a strong box that all contain materials and items.

When you're done shopping, break down the brick wall to go into the next room.

If you need more help, check out our Main Guide and Walkthrough Hub Page. It contains links to the rest of our Rise of the Tomb Raider guide.

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