Rise of the Tomb Raider - Unexpected Discovery, Communications Breakdown, Family Photo, Get Out of Dodge, Alone Again

Rise of the Tomb Raider - Unexpected Discovery, Communications Breakdown, Family Photo, Get Out of Dodge, Alone Again

Complete the main story, side missions, and Cistern Cavern in the Soviet Installation.

Once you make it to the Soviet Installation, the game gives you a wealth of side missions that you can complete, as well as a host of main story things to get through. Here's everything you need to know about missions in the Soviet Installation.

Among the Enemy

Use the zip line beside the fire, then turn around when you land to find an object hidden in the snow.

Keep going down the path to the dead man near the tree stump. Look at the object on the stump, them watch for the Trinity enemy ahead as you keep going down the path. There are two more enemies up ahead. You can use the bottle in front of their position to distract them, or you can use your bow to kill one and get the attention of the other while you hide in a bush. When the other soldier comes to check things out, kill him as well.

Keep going until you get to the structure on the left. There's another salvage box in front of the building; grab the stuff inside. Keep going through the middle of the structure to find another salvage box on the right.

Go up the rusted structure ahead, then drop down into the next area. Scramble into the closest bush, then move from bush to bush as you draw closer to the foes ahead. If you don't already have a bottle in-hand, go up the platform to the right (before the area with the enemies) and grab the bottle at the top.

Use the bottle to distract the enemies ahead. You can also wait in the nearest bush and take out the enemy as he gets close to you. Then wait for the other two enemies in this area to walk by so you can take them out with your bow. Use Survival Instinct to determine when they can't see each other (which is indicated by a yellow outline) so you can dispatch them without trouble.

When the three foes are down, take out the enemy patrolling the second floor of the structure ahead. There's also another enemy on the first floor of the structure who can be hard to spot, but he's there.

When everyone's dealt with, go up the stairs and grab the salvage box to the left. Keep going into the next room, past the monitors, and up the stairs. When you get to the top of the stairs, refill your arrows using the quiver on the wall. Examine the bronze star on the wall to the right. Go left to find an item basket and continue to the far left to grab a salvage box lying next to a recorder.

Examine the recorder and collect the loot. Then head into the next room (accessible by moving straight ahead from the top of the stairs). Before you cross the bridge, open the loot crate to the left to find another piece of a semi-automatic weapon.

Cross the bridge and continue up the ladders. When you have to jump over the gap in the walkway, the adjacent platform breaks. Press X to firm up your grip before jumping to the left. Climb up the rusted steel on the wall.

Go left, then climb up onto the platform and go across the narrow beam to the zip line. Go down the line and head towards the torn cloth and broken wood. Before you reach the cloth, look right to see another salvage box between two large cylinders.

Grab the loot, then pick up the nearby lantern and throw it on the pile of cloth and wood to burn a path for yourself. Go into the resulting hole to find a gun, and examine the papers on the table in the far-right corner of the room.

Shoot your new gun through the glass at the two foes in the next room. .You can shoot one without any problem, but the other will fire on you as soon as you make your presence known. Shoot from the cover offered by either side of the window. Time your second shot between the enemy's shots.

Jump into the next room and get the loot from the box next to the dying prisoner. The door in the far-right corner requires a lock pick that you don't have, but you can go through the door behind the prisoner.

Get the contents of the salvage box to the right when you enter the room. Refill your arrows and pick up the ammo crate in the corner. Climb up to reach the small window above, and watch another cut scene.

Unexpected Discovery

Take cover behind the cargo. Switch to your bow and arrow, and wait for the patrolling guard to move out of sight of his fellows. Kill him, then take out the guard on the second floor who's patrolling to the left of your present position. This leaves the two men in the far corner and the injured man on the ground. You don't have to bother with the injured man, but you need to pick up one of the bottles nearby to distract the other guards and goad them into investigating, making for an easier kill.

When the guards are gone, loot the ammo crate that's in the far right corner of the room (from your starting position) and the item basket near the right wall. Use the lantern to break the back wall, igniting the fuel and cloth in the far left corner. While this opens up a passage, it also alerts the two guards on the other side. Take cover and shoot them, then go through your new "door."

When you get outside, look to the right to see another bronze star on the wall. Examine it to increase your Russian reading comprehension. Go back up the stairs in the far right corner and climb up and through the opening.

Go around the corner to the right, then go up the ladder and into the tower at the far corner. You'll see an ally nearby who offers an optional mission. If you choose to take it, you'll receive a lock pick. Speak to him if you want to accept the Communications Breakdown mission.

Whether you take the mission or not, look in the house behind you to find ammunition on the ground. There's also another manuscript on the table. There's a salvage box up the stairs, and another box and a loot crate up the first ladder. Go up the second ladder, then go left until you can climb up the wooden side panel. Keep going left and work your way to the top. When you get to the top, drop down inside the tower to find another loot basket. Scramble up the wooden panel to find a bird's nest, which you can loot, and a zip line.

Communications Breakdown (optional)

This optional mission requires you to destroy the five communications towers. This part of the guide walks you through the next part of the Soviet Installation mission while sidetracking to cover the Communications Breakdown part as well.

Go down the zip line and head inside the building to the left to find more ammo on the floor. There's another manuscript on the desk, too. There's a locked door here, but you can't do much with it until you earn the lock pick. Go out the back door to find a salvage box on the patio.

Go out and head up the hill to the left, towards the large crane. There are salvage boxes on either side of the truck here, as well as more ammo to the right of the truck, near the salvage box. Get the loot, then climb up the ladder to the right of the truck to get started on the first part of the mission.

Destroy the panel at the top of the ladder. Then continue onward and climb up the steel container to the left. From here, jump up to the ladder hanging above to find an item box that holds a Compound Bow part.

Turn around, leap over the gap, and get the feathers from the bird's nest to the right. There's another bird's nest in the far right corner, as well as a mural on the opposite side of the right wall, but you should just drop down to the right of this bird's nest to reach the platform below. Go out through the opening to the left (facing the ladder you just went up) and look in the cell here to find a Family Photo.

Once you've looted the area, go back up the ladder above the steel container. Climb up to the left to find a zip line. If you go left instead of taking the zip line, you'll find a ladder. Turn around and you can drop down to where the mural is located. When you're done, make note of the zip line and head to the north side of the structure to find a log that serves as a bridge.

Cross the log to find another communications tower to the right. Destroy it, then scramble up the tree to the left and jump to the branch above. Jump over to the window of the adjacent building and open the crate to find a Semi-Auto Pistol part. On the far right side of the table is a salvage box and some ammo. Outside the door down the stairs there's another salvage box as well.

Go back around to the tree you just climbed, and head up the ladder on the tower to its left. There's an item box at the top of the tower that has a Wish Maker Toy. Go back down and head towards the log bridge, but instead of crossing, go left, following the frozen stream.

Climb up near the log at the end of the frozen stream, then go down the path until you see a tree you can climb on the left (it's before you reach the cave on the right). Go up the tree and jump over to the ledge at the top to find a campfire. To the left of the fire is another tower.

From here, head back to the first structure, where the truck was. Take the zip line across the adjacent mountain, then drop down so you hang from the ledge. Move right until can climb down the terrain, and head into the cave here.

As soon as you go into the cave, wolves attack. Use poison club arrows to fight them off. You can leave the cave and lure the wolves into the open if you need to. Loot the caves when the wolves are gone. There's some ore on the walls, mushrooms on the ground, and a map in the far-left corner.

If you go across the bridge on the other side of the structure wherefrom you disabled the communications tower, you'll wind up at another cave. However, your main objective is to the right of the cave entrance (if you're facing the cave). There's also an optional tomb to the left of the entrance.

If you want to skip the tomb, jump down to continue the Unexpected Discovery section. If you want to take on the tomb, look left of the large crane and shoot down the log hanging from it in order to gain access to an underground path.

Side down the wood to the left, then move to the far left side of the ledge to find more ore on the cave wall. This cave has several places where you can find ore, so use Survival Instinct liberally. There's also another mural on the far-right wall at the cave's bottom.

When the cave is clear, go through the opening on the bottom floor to reach the Cistern Cavern, an optional challenge tomb.

Cistern Cavern Tomb (Optional)

Go down the path and drop to the lower areas as you go. When you're at the bottom, move all the way to the end to find an item box that has A Coin of the Realm. Grab the loot and move over to the nearby opening and the rock wall. Grab on, move to the right, and climb down until you can't go any further. Move to the right again and leap over to the adjacent rock wall. Then climb down once more.

Get the two salvage boxes here, then slide down the rock formation to the left. When you get to the bottom, open the item box and retrieve a Golden Icon. Go up the stairs, then jump over to the wooden beam hanging nearby.

When the beam lowers, you'll see two blades rotating below. Move to the left and time your drop so that you fall between the large gaps in the blades. When you get to the pool at the bottom, you'll find more Ancient Coins.

Get the coins, then head to the other side of the pool. Loot the item basket and go around the corner. Replenish your arrows at the quiver on the right, then shoot an arrow at the red object in the far-right corner to lower the water level.

Go through the opening and climb up to find a camp fire. Continue to the right of the fire and go down into the Ancient Cistern.

Ancient Cistern (optional)

Go across the bridge and jump to the path above the end. Go right to find a platform that looks stable. Unfortunately, it breaks and you fall into the water.

Go left past the water mill and under the archway. Climb next to the circular wooden door, head up the stairs, and pick up the red oil can near the gate at the top. Put the oil can in front of the wooden door, then go back to the top of the stairs and shoot it to blow up the door and release the water.

Swim through the near doorway to get back to the previous room. Continue up the stairs to the left of the water mill. At the top of the first flight, run ahead and climb up into the small alcove above. Open the item box here to find more crafting resources. Then pick up an oil can and throw it onto the wooden platform floating in the water.

Go up the second flight of stairs and jump over to the wooden beam in order to release more water. Drop down and wait for the wooden platform near the oil can to reach the circular wooden door. As soon as it's close, shoot the oil can to blow it up along with the door.

Once again, swim through your new door. Climb onto the ledge when you reach the far side, then move over to the stairs and jump across to the other side. Climb onto the elevated ledge and find another salvage box to the left, along with a bit of wall that can be cleared away with your climbing tool (find it with Survival Instinct).

Before clearing the wall, move around to the opposite side of the ledge and climb up the alcove to find another scroll. Use Survival Instinct if need be. Jump above the stairs and into another alcove to find an item box full of crafting resources.

Now that the room is free of loot, clear away the weakened wall and drop down into the previous area. Once again, you need to grab an oil can and throw it onto the wooden platform floating in the water. Jump onto the wooden beam to release the water again, but this time drop down and quick-swim over to the floating bit of wood. Pick up the oil can, then throw it into the hole you created when you broke down the weakened portion of the wall.

Now you can climb up to the opening you previous dropped through, pick up the oil can, and run over to the far side of the room. Throw the can over the circular wooden door, then shoot it to blow away the door and flood the room with more water.

Swim through your new doorway, head right, and go down the tunnel into the main room. Head for the pedestal in the middle to access the Ancient Manuscript on Natural Instincts. This effectively finishes up the Ancient Cistern, but you should loot the salvage box and item basket on each side of the pedestal before you leave. To save time, fast-travel back to base camp.

Unexpected Discovery

Go back to the first cave you encountered, and climb up the rock wall to the right of the entrance. Jump up to the cliff edge and go right until you can climb again. Collect the salvage box here and squeeze through the crack in the rocks. Climb up the rock wall on the other side. Move all the way to the left and drop down onto the ground, then climb up the wooden plank on the side of the cliff.

Circle around and jump over the gap, then climb up the next wooden plank and the rock wall above it. From here, you can disable the communications tower. You can also collect the feathers in the birds' nest sitting on top of it.

Slide down the nearby zip line, then drop down to the ground and look left to see a climbable cliff ledge. Climb up to the ledge, then jump up to the higher ledge above to find the final communications tower. Now you can go back to the person who gave you the side mission and earn the Lock Pick. Give it a try by opening the locked chest near the quest-giver to get the last piece for the Semi-Auto Pistol.

Now that you're done with side objectives, travel back to the camp fire to reach the camp closest to your next objective (it's near the cave you haven't been in yet). Go up the nearby wall as you head towards the next objective on the map.

Go across the gap and latch onto the rock wall, then climb down to get the mushrooms. Go up the rock wall next to the mushrooms. When you reach the top, keep going down the path until you reach the next gap. If you want as much loot as possible, don't climb up the next wall. Instead, jump onto the wooden platform ahead and then quickly jump to the far side; the platform will crumble under your weight. Continue up the winding path and collect loot until you reach the top. If you don't care about the loot, climbing the wall gives you a short cut.

There are several guards at the top of the hill near the building. Kill them and move around to the back side of the structure to find some loot hidden in the snow.

Circle around the porch to find a mural on the wall. Pry open the door to head inside the building and into your first supply shack. You don't have enough coins to buy anything yet, but remembering the location of the shack is handy.

Go through the other exit and climb the ladder. Circle around to the left and use the zip line to go down and trigger a cut scene.

Prison Break

When the scene is done, pull off the pipe in the corner and break down the weakened wall to the left. Walk over to your bow to get the Recurve Bow and Rope. Go back through the crack in the wall and aim your new rope at the rope wrapped above the cell door. Pull down the grate and crawl through the opening.

Examine the recorder on the desk, then access the item box around the corner and to the right to get a Cigarette Case. Follow the other prisoner into the projector room. Loot the room and find a Compound Bow part. Then examine the projector and go through the slides. Go out the door at the far left corner, collect the savage to the left of the stairs, then go up the stairs and climb the ladder at the top and go out the window.

The Way Out

After the next cut scene, grab the wood at your feet. Craft some arrows and get ready to take on the soldiers in this area. Go over to the far right to find some bottles by the ladder. Take cover here and kill the soldier patrolling the far wall. Remember, use Survival Instinct to avoid killing soldiers who can be seen by other guards (they're highlighted in red).

Go over to the truck and take out the two guards in the watch towers, as well as the guard doing repair work on the roof. From here you can use bottles to get the attention of the other guards, and then pick them off one by one. Once all the guards are gone, loot the area before going into the building and your next destination point.

When you're prepared, go inside the building, examine the recorder on the table, and access the gate controls. At the next destination point, climb up next to the wooden pole and shoot the rope-wrapped log above. Use the new zip line, then jump over to the window sill.

Jump over to the next window on the right, then jump to the hand grip above and move around the corner to the right. Go into the window for another cut scene, then wade through the water until you can climb up at the end.

Get Out of Dodge

Look at the recorder on the table near the door and the map at the far right corner. Head through the door. Open the box on the far side of the next room to grab a Patch, then use a rope arrow to make a tether and crank the wench to pull it tight. Cross the water and try to open the door to get an Assault Rifle.

Blast the guards blocking your path. Several more approach, but move through the house and continue through the area, blasting your way through. When you make it through the next building, you'll see another cut scene. Then you need to make a shrapnel grenade and throw it at the enemies standing in front of the building ahead.

Go through the building and collect the recorder in the far left corner. Go down the hole in the floor and move through the water, then the snow. Stop at the camp fire before continuing through the gate ahead.

Engage the soldiers in the next area. Use the cover available here and move away when bombs are thrown in your direction. Clear out the foes, then move forward for another cut scene. More armored soldiers attack when it's done. You need to shoot these attackers in their legs, as head shots won't work very well.

Once the threat is dealt with, look in the far right corner to see some loot hidden in the snow. Continue through the doorway in the far left corner. When you get into the next building with the dead soldiers, examine the recorder on the table and go down the stairs. Open the container at the bottom to find a Medal, then look at the mural on the other side of the broken wall. Go into the train yard and look to the left to find more loot in the snow.


Go in the opposite direction and climb onto the train car for another cut scene. Jump into the next car and run through it until you get another scene. Then swim as fast as you can through the metal bars and up to the hole at the surface. After the next cut scene plays out, you need to run and jump without stopping in order to avoid getting hit by fire from the helicopter.

Alone Again

After the cut scene, exit the cave and open the box on the left near the exit to find more crafting resources. Go down the zip line, and speak to the man near the fence if you want to accept the Dangerous Territory side mission. Finishing this mission gets you the Pistol Sight, which increases the zoom for your pistols.

Dangerous Territory (optional)

If you want to do this mission, climb up onto the snow to the left of the quest-giver, then move left across the frozen river bed. Go into the cave ahead and kill the wolves that attack. The assault rifle or poison arrows are effective. Clear them out, loot the cave for ore and mushrooms, and head back to the quest-giver to get the pistol sight.

Alone Again

Go out of the fenced area and make your way south to find another cabin (you've been here before). If you speak to the man inside, you can do The Unlucky Ones side mission, which nets you an Infiltrator Outfit (which reduces the delay on health regeneration). Go ahead and accept the mission, as it isn't too far out of your way.

Keep moving south towards the main objective. When you get there, pass the truck and reach the cliff side. Instead of climbing the nearby tree to the top of the cliff and going to your objective, go right across the broken wooden bridge where a truck is lying in the ditch. This is where you'll find the side mission.

The Unlucky Ones (Optional)

Go towards the fallen truck and jump up onto the wooden platform above. Keep going across the log and use the zip line to reach the lower area to the right. Climb up the rock wall and to the top of the rock pillar, then jump over to the adjacent rock wall and climb up again. Get the loot in the basket at the top, and move left to use your bow and rope to create a zip line to the next ledge.

Drop down, then move to the end of the ledge and climb up the wall to the right. You have to jump to the right and latch onto the next rock wall in order to make it to the top. When you get to the top, climb the tree to the right and leap over to the ledge.

Kill the guard on the right using your arrows. Then look left to see a second guard near the structure. Kill him as well, then look to the left of the second guard to see a dead man with a bag. Examine the bag to find a new map. Then head into the opening near the second guard.

Get the loot from the item basket to the left, and head down the stairs. To the right are two more guards. Use a poison arrow to take them both down at once, then go through the next doorway. The third guard here looks dead, but he's alive and well. Kill him before he can hit you with a surprise attack. Unlock the cell and free the two prisoners inside.

At this point, you can go back out the way you came and report to your quest-giver to receive the Infiltrator Outfit. You can also talk to the quest-giver again to receive the next optional mission, Misguided Intelligence. Finish this mission to get a Shotgun Spreader Choke.

Misguided Intelligence (optional)

This is a pretty easy mission. Just head east towards the location marked on your map. The bird you're looking for is easily spotted using Survival Instinct once you reach your destination. When you see it, shoot it down with an arrow. Don't get too close, or it'll fly away and you'll have to chase it again. When the bird's down, head back to the quest-giver to get the Shotgun Spreader Choke.

Alone Again (cont)

When you get to the destination point on the map, there are several dead Soviet soldiers around the compound. One of the soldiers to the right of the main gate has an ammo clip if you need it.

When you're inside the main gate, examine the monolith to the left and the mural on the wall just beyond it. Go to the far right corner and use your bow and rope to clear the wood blocking your way. There's some salvage supplies in the bed of the truck ahead of you, and more Russian notes in the building behind the truck. To the left, you'll see another rope area. Use your bow and rope to remove the boards and get access to the area below the building.

Get the salvage box and coin cache, then look between the train cars to find another salvage box. Climb the ladder on the other side of the train car closest to the truck, then jump over to the rooftop as you go towards the ladder ahead.

Before you reach the ladder, look to the left to see another area where you can use your rope and bow. Remove the boards and go into the structure to find a salvage basket, locker, and herbs. Go back out and climb up the ladder, move right, and remove the boards to continue.

Pick up the salvage in the next room, then look to your left to find a recorder on the table. Climb up the ladder for a short scene, then hold RB to mke a Molotov Cocktail and throw it at the foes in the next room. If you need another, there's another bottle on the ground behind you.

Go into the next room and loot the locker and the other items on the ground. Then head up the stiars in the far left corner. There's more loot in the cells, but you can't get to it from this room. Pick up one of the bottles to create a Molotov. Throw it at the boards and the cloth in your way.

When you've removed the blockade, you'll see that floor near the entrance glows when you use Survival Instinct. Make note of this while you move into the next room and circle around the dead soldiers to find an item box on the table to the left. Examine the box to find a Hero of the Soviet Union Medal relic. Keep moving until you see another point where you can use your rope and bow to clear away some debris on the right. There's also a locker in the corner of this room, as well as a mural on the wall.

Head down the new path and open the chest on the left to get a Submachine Gun part. Go down and leave the building, and circle around to the left. You'll see an entranceway, but you need explosives to get through the blockade, and your Molotovs won't work. However, if you look above you, you'll see another area where you can use your rope to clear away debris. This is the same area where the floorboards glowed with Survival Instinct, if you remember.

Go up to the removed floor boards and drop down to find some loot, including a box with the Order of the Red Banner Medal relic. When you've looted the area, go back up where you dropped from and move to the edge of the building where the ground is marked in red. It's to the left of the area with the removed floorboards.

Aim your bow at the rope coils ahead to swing over to the far side. Collect the salvage on the other side, then remove the rope and boards jamming the mine carts ahead. Jump across to the cleared area and go along the narrow beam. When the beam starts to cave, jump and latch onto the wall instead.

Climb ot the left and scramble up to the top when you reach the wooden plank on the wall. You need to climb up the ladder connected to the structure here, but first get the salvage behind the cylinder. When you get to the top, wait for the guard's head to appear in the structure directly ahead, then take him out with a bullet or an arrow.

Instead of jumping over to the structure, look left to see a bird's nest on a pole. Jump to the pole, then go left to climb up the wall. Cross the bean, then use the zip line on the far side to reach the platform below. Collect the Compound Bow part from the chest to the left and use the bow and rope to make a zip line on the other side of the platform.

There are several soldiers in the next area. Use the cover here and take them down with the aid of a few Molotovs. There are bottles on the ground. When all the enemies are gone, jump over to where they were attacking from. Loot the area, then climb the wooden plank on the wall to reach the next area above.

Go up the stairs to the left and loot the locker up top. Move around the corner and climb up where the wood is painted white. Go up the ladder at the top, and examine the recorder on the table to the left. Stand above the ladder and look left to see a snow-covered pole sticking up from the side of the building. Jump over to it to reach the platform below and locate a box on the table that holds the Pillbox relic.

Get a bottle in the corner to make a Molotov and clear away the debris blocking the doorway. Head up the stairs to get back to where you were. Go over to the red metal area on the ground and use your bow and rope to swing onto the adjacent platform.

Go down the stairs and into the room below. Open the chest to unlock the Bow, then go up the steel siding in the far left corner. Go left and through the small opening to find three men in the room ahead. Sneak around to the right to find a can on the ground that can be crafted into a grenade. Toss it in the middle of the three guards to take them out in one boom.

Look the room, then pick up the bottle in the right corner and toss a Molotov at the debris in the corner. The next area has tons of enemy soldiers everywhere. There are plenty of bottles and cans around, so use them to craft Molotovs and grenades. You can use your bow and guns as well. Just try to remain under cover and take your time so you don't attract too many enemies at once.

When you've cleared the main group of enemies, more enter with riot shields. This room has bottles in the right corner by the railing, and in the left corner. Don't worry about looking for cover, since the riot shield-equipped guards only use batons at close range and grenades at long-distance. Simply grab the bottles lying around, craft them into Molotovs, and throw them at foes.

If you need more help, check out our Main Guide and Walkthrough Hub Page. It contains links to the rest of our Rise of the Tomb Raider guide.

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