Rise of the Tomb Raider - The Rescue, Save Jonah, Path of the Deathless, The Divine Source

Rise of the Tomb Raider - The Rescue, Save Jonah, Path of the Deathless, The Divine Source

Work your way through the final chapter of the game and find the Divine Source.

The Rescue

Behind you is a camp fire and open the strong box just beyond it to obtain a stash of Broadhead Climbing Arrows that enable you to access areas you previously couldn't reach.

At the end of the path is a wooden fence. Check it out and you should find some hidden loot. Now go back to the fire and shoot the soft wood near the wall and climb up. Examine the mural at the top, then slide down both the zip lines.

Go down the path and climb up to the top of the area – if this looks familiar, that's because you've done this before just before the Prison Break mission.

When you get to the top, go to the Supply Shack and stock up on anything you might need. Now use the broadhead arrows to climb up the wall to the right of the shack. Look for a recorder on the table to the right, then open up the strong box on the left to acquire a Full Auto Shotgun piece. Also look for the satchel next to the body – there's loot in the snow to the left of it.

Once you have the loot, go down the snowy path and into the cave. Go through the narrow crack at the end of the cave and grapple to the far side. Go down the wooden pathway until you hit a rock wall, and then climb up to the wooden board on the wall in front of you. Continue to make progress until you reach an opening that goes back out into the snow.

Tracking Down Trinity

Go down to the snowy path, and then use the grapple to cross the ice wall. Climb to the top to activate a cut scene. Now climb the tree at the end of the path and jump up to the branch above. Use it to access the ice wall to the right. Climb this, then move right along the edge and climb to the top.

Head down the path to the next destination point to activate another cut scene. There are soldiers in this area that you'll need to deal with. Once you've dispatched them all, go across the log that's behind the crane to the right. Kill the enemies in the next area, and then use the broadhead arrows to climb the wooden wall in the left corner. There are more enemies here, so kill them and then go to the base and through the small opening at the bottom of the wall. It should be to the left of the gate.

At the next camp fire, there should be a Stamp relic in the item box next to the fire. Head on down the path and go into the pond. Dive underwater and go towards the opening – but don't get out of the water yet. There's an enemy here. Use your Survival Instinct until one of them glows yellow, and take him out. Then get out of the pond and deal with the rest of the enemies.

Head towards the red truck, and take out the next set of soldiers. Now go up the stairs towards the next destination point. When you reach the ladder, go around under the circular walkway to the far side, and you'll find an item box containing a Reliquary Pendant relic.

Head back to the ladder and climb up. Go past the room on the left and go to the far end of the walkway. There's another item box here that contains an Engraved Casing relic. Now go inside the building and look for loot, and then climb up the ladder to activate another cut scene.

Save Jonah

Head down to the path below, and go to the other side where there's a zip line. Go down it until you reach the carriage, and then press X. Leap left, and take out the guard on the platform, then jump to the wooden platform ahead and use the grapple to clamber over to the building in front of you.

Continue through this area until you end up in the water. Climb out, and go to the area with the next zip line. Take down the next guard and use the zip line to go down to the main building. Head through the doorway to activate another cut scene.


Drop down to get to the next camp fire. Grab the loot box, and then go through the crack in the door. There are plenty of enemies here, so prepare for some work to take them all out. Keep on going, and watch out for the helicopter until you reach the water – which you should enter.

Go underwater though the hole in the wall. The next room has enemies in it. However, as long as you avoid the laser sights, you can take them all out by using stealth takedowns. If you get spotted, jump into one of the holes into the water and swim to a different one to shake off the enemies. Keep on doing this until you take everyone out.

Geothermal Valley (cont.)

There should be a camp fire behind you. Head past it and down the stairs and break through the wall on the right.

The Orrery

Go down the stairs and cross the pole – there should be some ore on the wall in the corner. Drop down to the lower area and look for loot hidden on the ground. Climb back up and use the broadhead arrows to cross the soft wood. Around the next corner is more soft wood, which you can shoot arrows into so you can climb to the top. Once you hit the top, look around for a satchel.

Go back down to the lower area, and go through the cave to reach the next camp fire. Head into the water ahead. There's some loot hidden on the piece of land to the right. Collect this, then go through the water to the other side. Climb up, and then go downstairs.

Path of the Deathless

Go forwards along the path that's lined with spears until you reach the gate. Head through the broken gate and walk onto the beam towards the Orrery.

Shoot a rope at the small globe, and pull it to turn the beam ahead of you so you can jump over to it. Head down into the middle area, then move to the other side where there's another globe that you can shoot at. Hit it twice so that the rings where you can grapple axe are facing the wall. Next, shoot the globe to the left of the one you just shot at, twice.

There should be one globe left that you don't need to shoot at. That needs to remain in its default position. Go back to where you dropped down, so you can pull the globe to line up with the other metal plate so you can jump over to it from the beam in the corner.

Now climb up the metal plate, and onto the closest beam. Then use the grapple to move across to the next beam. Climb up the second metal plate to the left, then across the beam and over to the platform to the right.

Climb to the top, and collect the Ancient Coins that can be found in the corner. Now push the wooden apparatus toward the large globe to unlock it. Head to the ramp on the left of the apparatus and grapple over to the center object. Go across the large globe to the other side of the room, and push in the apparatus here to unlock the other side.

This will move the structure. One of the grapple axe rings will move to you, and when it does, use it to reach the center of the platform. When you're there, look for the structure that has one grapple ring and one board where you can climb up. When the board is right next to the center platform, use it to climb up onto the top of the structure.

Wait until the structure with two hanging beams swing towards where you are, and then jump over to it. Now look down, and wait for a beam to swing underneath you. When it does, drop down onto it, and wait for the next structure to get close. When it does, jump over to it and climb up.

You should be able to jump over to the center structure. Use the wooden peg ladder to climb up, then move to the right and jump up to the next peg ladder and climb to the top. Go down the bridge, and wait for it to swing around to the corridor, then jump across when you can.

Grab the loot in the room, which includes Classically Trained archery skills at the pedestal. Carry on to the end of the room and climb up the wall. Use your arrows to climb on up using the soft wood to the left. Two or three should do the trick. Jump over and shoot a few more arrows into the next piece of soft wood as you go down the corridor, and then jump over to the far wall and climb up to the cave.

Through the Glacier

Go down the path until you find some stairs on the left. At the end of them is a map. Turn around and go back to where you were, and continue down the path. Leap across the gap, and then climb the wall using the grapple to ascend the rock face above. When you get to the top, go left across the ledge and leap over to the ice wall at the end.

Clamber to the top, and head over to the next ice wall. As you climb up, you'll fall – which isn't a problem. Go through the narrow cavern and to the end of the path, then climb up the wall and grab the ledge. Move left, then climb up as far as you can, and then climb left.

Climb up the ice wall, and then walk across the ice bridge to the statue. Continue left past the statue to the camp fire. Go down the path and head over the narrow bridge. Now inch your way across the ledge to the next path, go to the end, and then climb up. At this point, you can safely go down the hill.

Into the Hidden City

At the bottom of the hill is a camp fire. To the far right of the fire are two item boxes. Collect them, and then head over to the zip line to access the area below. You'll need to use X to prevent yourself from falling off the line as you reach the other side.

Go left along the ledge and climb up. There's a guard here who will spot you. Take him down, then go to the next area and take care of the rest of the soldiers. This is more tricky than usual – you'll need to knock off enemy helmets to be able to headshot them with an arrow. Otherwise use your shotgun or axe.

When you've dealt with the enemies, go upstairs and get read to deal with a bunch more. This is basically a fight sequence that you'll simply have to work through to activate the next cut scene. Keep an eye out for loot and resources scattered around – there are plenty in this area.

Assuming you safely get past this challenge, you get a brief respite with a cut scene. Now go downstairs to the next area. Grab the loot on the right, and go to the edge of the ramp ahead. Leap over to the ice wall and clamber up and left to the corner. Go through the small opening into the ice cave behind it.

Breaking In

Slide down the hill and jump when you reach the end to avoid falling to your doom. Use the grapple axe after you jump and you'll be able to access the Lost City.

The Lost City

Go down the icy path and head upstairs. Go through the opening, then carry on up the next stairs.

The Frozen City

To the right of the camp fire is a manuscript on a pedestal. Once you've grabbed it, use the two zip lines to head down to the city. Use the roofs to head towards the next destination point – and don't drop down, since there are guards everywhere.

After you reach the destination point, head over to the trebuchet. You'll have to deal with several soldiers on the way, so be prepared for battle. Hug the wall to the right, and when you get there, use the broadhead arrows to climb the soft wood around the bottom of the structure. On the right is an ice wall, which you need to climb up. However, as you climb up, you'll see a boarded-up hole on the right. Shoot it with a grenade and you'll find the first of five bells that are an extra challenge in this area.

Once you get to the top, take out the soldiers, then go to the far side of the area so you can climb up the raised platform to the trebuchet. There are more enemies here, so deal with them and then go to the stairs. There's a wheel on the side of the trebuchet that you can turn – as long as you've killed everyone. Turn the wheel and aim the trebuchet at the gate on the far side of the city. When it's lined up correctly, fire the trebuchet to smash the gate. Head over there and go through the gate and up the stairs.

At the top of the stars, you can grab the Armor-Piercing Arrows and use them to take out the enemies that attack. There are two waves to kill – use your new arrows plus fire regular ones at the red explosive jars to kill multiple enemies in one shot. Move and try to herd them together so there are a bunch next to a jar before loosing off a shot – and you'll get a really good bang for your buck.

Gate Crasher

When the enemies have been dealt with, go down through the open gate and rotate the wheel to open the next one. Carry on upstairs, then look for the wooden barrier on the right that you can destroy with a grenade arrow. Once you've done that, jump across and go to the end of the path to find an item box containing an Amber Necklace relic.

Go back to where you came up the stairs and go to the wooden platform in the corner. Swing across to the far side using the rope, then destroy the boards on the right to make a shortcut back to the previous area. Now take the zip line on the left and jump onto the ice wall and climb to the top.

Shoot a rope just above the fire pot and pull it to swing the pot around to it's close to the wooden ramp. Stand on the ramp and jump over to the pot to make it smash into the frozen ice. Shoot broadhead arrows into the soft wood so that you can climb up.

When you reach the top, go around to the far side and continue climbing. Turn the trebuchet so you can leap over to the next structure. Now stand next to the pole and turn around and shoot the roped part of the trebuchet. Go back across to the trebuchet and rotate it to the right to break the wood.

Aim at the far left of the gate and fire a grenade arrow. You'll need two shots to clear the gate, but there'll be another trebuchet in the way after your first shot. Take out the soldiers below the trebuchet, then head down and use the rope to go across to the next building. When you get to the long beam with rope on either side, shoot rope at one side and pull it towards you to rotate the beam.

Leap onto the beam and go across to the other side. Jump onto the ice wall and climb up, then go left across the ledge, jump to the next ledge, climb up onto the wooden beam, and then jump onto the urn hanging next to it. Wait for it to spin around and when you're under the beam above, jump up to it.

Take down the enemies when you hit the top, and the climb up onto the trebuchet and go around to the ramp on the far side. When you're on the ramp, shoot the roped end on the right side of the wooden structure, where the urn is hanging and pull it toward you.

Drop down and onto the pole, and use it to jump onto the beam holding the urn. Go to the far side of the beam and leap down to the structure. Position yourself next to the wooden basket and shoot a rope at the beam you just jumped off. This should connect them.

Head over to the zip line and go back to the lower area. Shoot the rope on the side of the urn and use it to pull the basket off the structure. Shoot the same roped area from the other side to move the urn underwater. Now shoot the roped board hanging from the basket to close the underside, and then position it under water.

Go to the wooden ramp opposite the trebuchet and stand on it. Shoot the board below the basket to release the water, then quickly jump to the middle platform between the two roped ends, and jump again into the urn to slam it into the ice. If you're not quick enough, you'll have to repeat the process.

Go to the wheel on the trebuchet and aim it at the gate. Once the gate has been destroyed, go down to the lower area to the corner where you can find a rope pole. Aim at the rope on the next platform to make a zip line and use it to reach the next structure over. Now take out the archers. Make another zip line connected to the ice wall and climb up the ledge. Now shimmy right and climb to the top.

Continue to make zip lines using the rope poles and continue to head towards the gate. There are plenty of enemies, but you can ignore most except the ones directly in front of you – which you'll need to take out. When you reach the gate, you'll get a cut scene.

You Shall Not Pass

Move fast here, and jump across the platforms that crumble when you cross them. Jump off the last one and use your grapple axe to reach the far side. Climb up and go to the next area. There are lots of soldiers again, but fortunately there are plenty of exploding jars around which you can use to take out several enemies at once.


Head over to the open gate and climb up. Use broadhead arrows to make a path to the top, and when you get there use rope to swing over to the ice wall. Climb up and onto the ledge and then move around to the left. Leap across to the next ledge and press X when you hit the statue.

Clamber up to the top and use the grapple axe twice to reach the rock wall on the other side. Go left, and then continue up to the top. Use broadhead arrows to reach the other side, then go down the path and wing over to the ice wall. Climb up, and then go to the left hand side of the gate and use broadhead arrows to climb up to the ledge above you.

Go left across the ledge and then climb up. Grapple over to the next ice wall, and climb to the top to find a camp fire. Jump over to the next ice wall and continue to climb up to the top. Watch out for a shot from a trebuchet, and when it hits directly above you, press X to reaffirm your grip. Once you're safe, continue to climb up until you can't go any further, the jump left and continue your climb.

When you reach the top, you'll get a cut scene. Once it's done, you'll have to endure a couple more trebuchet shots. After those, jump over to the ice wall and hang on. Climb right as fast as you can and avoid the falling ice. When you get to the top of the ice wall, jump up to the ledge and continue left to go to the next ice wall.

Watch for the crumbling wall, and be ready to reaffirm your grip. Climb up the stones and head to the top until you can't go any further. Jump and press X to grapple onto the very top of the tower. At this point a soldier jumps at you and grabs your leg. Shoot him in the head as quickly as possible, and once he's dealt with, you can continue to climb up.

The Divine Source

Continue forward, taking out the many soldiers that attack you. By this point you should be fairly adept at this, and will make short work of them. Head down to the camp fire at the end of the path – it's the final one before the end of the game, so use it to fast travel to the Supply Shack to stock up on anything you might need.

Grapple onto the ice wall straight ahead, and then go left and jump onto the adjacent ice wall. Climb up to the top and get ready to fight a helicopter and a bunch of soldiers. To get rid of the helicopter for a short while, wait until the trebuchet is read, and then use it to shoot a shot above the 'chopper, and then shoot at it to rain fire down on it. It's a tough challenge, but it's doable. Don't forget to use all levels to avoid getting overwhelmed by soldiers.

Once you've taken care of all that, head down to the area below and be prepared to fight more enemies. Climb up onto the top of one of the pillars and use the fire lamps dotted around the area to kill enemies who walk under them. Once everyone is defeated, you have one last challenge – the final boss.

You have to fight this one out with no weapons, but fortunately you can find a can on the ground and turn it into a bomb. Do so, and throw it at him to distract him for a brief moment. At this point, run in and go for a stealth kill. If you have trouble with this method, try climbing onto the pillars and attacking him from above when he comes close. Whichever method you use, make sure you keep moving until you have a clear chance to take down the boss. Be warned – even though you might take him down, you'll need to finish him off twice to make sure he's truly dead.

Chamber of Souls

Now you can go up the stairs and into the Chamber of Souls! Well done!

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