Rise of the Triad Gets Mega-Patch

Interceptor's reboot of Apogee's classic FPS has received a major overhaul.

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"While in possession of a few rough edges -- many of which the devs are already working on sanding down -- Rise of the Triad is a raucous, unashamedly immature fun time that will delight anyone still pining for the "good old days" of '90s shooters."

That's the conclusion we came to when we reviewed Interceptor Entertainment's reboot of Apogee's frantic '90s shooter shortly after its release. It was a fun game that could use a few tweaks here and there.

Thankfully, it seems that Interceptor is the kind of developer that actively takes on board feedback from its players and then, crucially, acts on it. This is something that should be expected given the relative ease with which patches can be distributed these days, particularly on PC, but unfortunately it's not a state of affairs we can necessarily rely on, as some developers stubbornly refuse to update their games while others may simply not have the resources to commit to fixing a wobbly or broken game.

Interceptor has really gone to town on its first major Rise of the Triad update, though, with a laundry list of fixes, tweaks, balance adjustments and performance improvements.

One of the most major changes is apparently the complete replacement, merging or removal of "thousands" of 3D meshes to improve performance, but alongside this there are also minor tweaks to graphical effects such as blood splatters and gibs that should get the game running a bit smoother than it did at launch.

In terms of balance issues, a number of characters have had their run speeds and jump controls adjusted slightly, particularly in multiplayer, and several weapons have had their behavior slightly adjusted. Also, in what I think is my favorite changelog entry I've ever seen, "Taradino and Lorelei no longer have stretchy gibs in multiplayer."

Besides all the performance adjustments, the team has also gone back through all the levels where there were potential problems such as the ability to get stuck or items that were out of reach and fixed these issues.

On top of all the fixes, the patch also plays host to the game's first free DLC pack, which includes five new multiplayer maps, all with pun-tastic titles.

The Dunes of Hazzard is a "wild west at sunset" type of affair, filled with abandoned vehicles, buildings, cacti and industrial machinery. You Mist takes place in a creepy dark temple and its surrounding environment, with some lovely stained-glass windows. Testing Tube unfolds in an environment that looks somewhat like the Large Hadron Collider. A Dish Served Hot appears to unfold in some sort of military complex. And Skyfall is a surreal Unreal Tournament-style map made up of narrow, precarious platforms floating high in the sky.

The patch is 2.2GB in size and available now -- if you bought the game from Steam, your game should update automatically. Interceptor is keen to note that while the patch does not incorporate the oft-requested Quicksave function, that feature is currently undergoing active prototyping and thus we can probably expect it in a subsequent patch.

Check out the full list of tweaks, enhancements and improvements here.

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