Rise of the Triad Team Working on Duke Nukem Action RPG

Interceptor Entertainment has teased a brand new Duke Nukem game, set to be revealed at the end of February.

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It's difficult to know how to respond to the news that there's a new Duke Nukem game on the way.

On the one hand, Duke Nukem 3D was a revolutionary entry in the first-person shooter genre, bringing us some of the most interactive environments and interesting level designs that had ever been seen when it was first released. On the other hand, the widely panned Duke Nukem Forever was, to put it mildly, not all that well received after its overly-long development cycle -- and, with the exception of a few rereleases of Duke Nukem 3D, we've not heard much from the ass-kicking, bubblegum-chewing hero since.

Enter Interceptor Entertainment, the team behind the enormously fun recent reboot of Apogee's classic all-action FPS Rise of the Triad. Up until 2011, the team had been working on an Unreal Engine-powered remake of Duke Nukem 3D known as Duke Nukem 3D: Reloaded, but after an alleged spat between Interceptor and Duke Nukem Forever's final resting place Gearbox, plans to release the game were shelves and the team focused on Rise of the Triad instead.

With Rise of the Triad safely on the market and warmly received, Interceptor can now focus on new projects. And wouldn't you know it -- it looks as if one such project is distinctly Duke Nukem-related. This isn't the resurrection of Reloaded, however; it's an all-new experience, and rather than following the first-person shooter model, it's jumping ship to a different genre altogether. This isn't the first time the series has switched genres, either -- prior to becoming an FPS, it was a platform action game.

*boot* Om nom nom.

Duke Nukem: Mass Destruction is the name of the new installment, and it's a top-down action role-playing game for PC and "PlayStation" -- though whether that means PS3, PS4 or both isn't yet known. It's powered by the Unreal Engine and features Duke's usual arsenal of over-the-top weaponry along with the trappings of typical action RPGs such as experience points and skill trees.

The existence of the new game was first teased on the promotional site, which is counting down to February 25. The site also urged fans to Like the game on Facebook in order to unlock a message written in "alien code" -- however, since the "code" was nothing more than a simple substitution cipher, it was quickly cracked by fans.

Mass Destruction's plot looks to revolve around the Kyrr -- a race of technologically augmented aliens -- and the kidnapping of the president. This being Duke Nukem, however, we can probably expect the plot to take something of a back seat to action movie references, toilet humor and Duke's love of "babes." Whether the negative reception to Duke Nukem Forever will cause Mass Destruction to be a bit more restrained in terms of how crude its humor is remains to be seen -- we should find out a little more at the end of the month, so be sure to check the official site then for the latest.

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  • Avatar for #1 4 years ago
    Maybe it's because I'm old, so I grew up firsthand in the era of Rambo, Terminator, Die Hard and the rest of 80's action excess, but despite the fact he's usually not funny, something about Duke I've always had a warm spot for.
    No one is going to argue Duke Nukem Forever was a good game. But different developers making a game now (so the references wouldn't be ancient) could be great.
    He was handled poorly for years, but there's the chance for a fun game in the right hands.

    I'm interested. Keep me updated with articles when you can and I'll keep reading every preview, USgamer.
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  • Avatar for Critical_Hit #2 Critical_Hit 4 years ago
    I liked Duke Nukem Forever, despite it's horrendous attempts at humor doing it's best to change my mind (Thank you Bulletstorm for being more crass and absorbing much of the hate I would've thrown at DNF). It's also a pretty great game if you're a 3D artist, because you can look at something like DNF and feel better at how good you are.

    It's not a super polished game, sure, but it was fun and did a great job balancing between older-school sensibilities (love fighting interesting, varied alien opponents with fascinating guns instead of the dumb, generic terrorists in every other game using the same military-grade assault and sniper rifles) and also refining the experience and pushing it closer to modern design when necessary. It was fun to play; definitely doesn't deserve the kind of hate tossed at it (though something like Shadow Warrior 2013 does a better job at doing the same kind of thing, no doubt)

    So I'm still interested in Duke, and hope he gets a proper reboot and update. But until someone does Duke ACTION right, I'm not sure we (humanity) should be pre-occupied with spinoffs in other genres. After all, when Duke went back to platformers for Manhattan Project, it didn't make the series any more relevant while we all waited for Forever, y'know? At the very least, I'd like to see someone give a 3rd person shooter another shot (no pun intended); I remember really digging Time to Kill on PSX and Zero Hour on N64.

    I'm unsure of whether this will even come out though. Gearbox owns the IP now, right? And their name isn't on the site - just 3DRealms. I feel like this is going to end up like the FallOut MMO that Interplay was working on despite Bethesda owning the property...
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  • Avatar for docexe #3 docexe 4 years ago
    I don’t know. Depending on how it is done, a spin-off could help to distance the franchise a bit from “Forever”. Then they could focus on releasing another FPS or TPS (hopefully with a less troubled development cycle than what afflicted Forever). Although it remains to be seen how good this game will be.
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